Liberal, Moderate, or Conservative, this is a reality slap. . .

October 30 2006

"And yet another thing about the churches I went to: They seemed to be parrots for the Republican Party. Do we have to tow the party line on every single issue? Are the Republicans that perfect? I just felt like, in order to be a part of the family, I had to think George W. Bush was Jesus. And I didn't. I didn't think that Jesus really agreed with a lot of the policies of the Republican Party or for that matter the Democratic Party. I felt like Jesus was a religious figure, not a political figre. I heard my pastor say once, when there were only a few of us standing around, that he hated Bill Clinton. I can understand not liking Clinton's policies, but I want my spirituality to rid me of hate, not give me reason for it.

((few sentences down))

Jesus taught that we are all bad and He is good, and He wants to rescue us because there is a war going on and we are hostages in that war. The truth is we are supposed to love the hippies, the liberals, and even the Democrats, and that God wants us to think of them as more important that ourselves. Anything short of this is not true to the teachings of Jesus."

Might I recommend Blue Like Jazz for those who haven't read it?


October 30 2006
I agree, but I have some thoughts on all this. We shouldn't hate liberals by any means, and we really shouldn't bash them either. But to say that Jesus didn't agree with certain policies of either party is a little irrelevant in the sense that back when Jesus was on the earth, these parties did not exist. (It is relevant to follow what Jesus said, but since he did not make many political statements, we have to do the best we can through reading His Word.) He's right in saying that Jesus wasn't a political figure, because he wasn't. He didn't go about trying to change politics. I would also have to agree that it was wrong for his preacher to talk to members of his congreation about how much he hated Clinton. That is being disrespectful of the authority God placed over us, and that is also dragging politics into the church, which probably should not happen. Besides the fact that I am favor of the Republicans' economic policies (for the most part), however, a reason why I and many other Christians strongly support conservatism is because of the social issues. Politics will not save our country, and that's something we all have to realize, but I choose to support the candidates who are against abortion (murder), gay marriage, etc. Since I believe that Romans 1 clearly defines homosexuality, as a sin and therefore do not support it does that mean I hate gays? No. Do I need to work on my attitude towards them? Probably. I'm far from perfect in so many areas, including, as the quote mentioned, thinking of other better than myself. So do many conservative Christians go too far, judge too harshly? Yes. It does happen. But that does not mean that we should compromise our standards out of fear of being labeled a bigot. You can be a Republican and still love others. You don't have to disassociate yourself from the party just so you appear to be a more loving person. There is a way to love the sinner while hating the sin, and in this case, voting against the sin. Now, do you have to be Republican to be a Christian? No. But I personally feel that it would be morally wrong for me to support someone who supports something that I believe goes against God's word. Republicans don't have it all right, but no one does. It's like denominations in a sense... you pick the one you agree with most, with the knowledge that it is not right about every single issue. I can't speak for anyone else regarding their convictions in politics, and what they believe is between them and God. But anyhow, I agree with this guy about being more loving of others. That is important. In fact, it's pretty vital, and something we all needed to be reminded of more often.


October 30 2006
Donald Miller has spoken at our school quite a few times.... I really like what he has to say. I haven't read Blue Like Jazz but I like the way he's going with those quotes you took from the book. Although I kind of agree with Amy.... I think most of the Republican views support Christianity more than Democratic. BUT I will not bash those who are Democrats...some of my most loved family members are democrats. Also Republicans aren't all together right either, but I feel like the Republican policies support Christian views moreso than Democratic policies. But who's to say who is right anyways? It's only God who can fully say that, so why bother bashing people who have different views? I mean, God made us each different with different minds and different views on life in general....that is how He created us. We aren't all going to agree on everything. It's being able to get along civily even though we disagree or have different personalities that matters to God in the long run.