Caterina Han



April 04 2006

new phuse box.
i dont like this one.


who's bored out of their mind? i am.

November 26 2005

im so bored right now. im not happy when im bored. this is what i look like:

yeah. not very happy is it??

guys suck.

November 19 2005

guys really suck. once ur their friend and then u start to like him and then he finds out, and he doesn't like u back, then that REALLY sucks. things are soo weird between you now. now u know that you'll never have a chance with him... BUT when he starts liking u and u are the one thats over him and can't like him because he's a big jerk and didnt like u before, that REALLY REALLY sucks. but whatever... they had their chance. im soo po'ed right now. cuz thats what just happened to me... grr.. it so stressful.