Being a Bit Emo is Okay

October 19 2006
I can take this, really I can. But sometimes it feels like I'm going to break. I know it's normal. Everyone gets this way. My world just doesn't seem to fit. So tell me, what profession could you see me in? If you had to think of one thing that I was made to do, what is it? I hope someone out there has an idea, because I've got nothing.

beth cooper

October 19 2006
a lawyer. you and arguing work.

Jason Frazier

October 22 2006
I'd say lawyer, or diplomat, or something where its words or wits that will make the job work and also maybe a place with people with a great sense of humor or something, to lessen the stress. But hey there's a lot of paths you can take, theres also ways to plan to do multiple paths just in case one doesn't work.