Another Day

July 11 2006

Funny how many ups and downs life decides to have, even in one day! Wow! I have been a busy bee...

I saw Superman Returns today. It was wonderful :-) I haven't said that about a new movie in a while, so trust me. It was good!

If you are female, so Beth and Cindell, try Mango Spearmint Green Tea scent the next time you are at Bath Junkie. It's yummy :-)

Well, this was a completely pointless post. Thank you for wasting some of your brain cells on it :-)

Sweet Dreams!

beth cooper

July 12 2006
hey hey....the post has my name in it! yay! lol ill try that stuff next time i go ( : and this wasnt a waste of brain cells. it helps me remember to read. and i wanna see superman but i also wanna see POTC 2 still. haha i never have time to do either.


July 12 2006
hey samantha! I saw u got a phusebox so I thought I'd say hey. I haven't seen superman 2 yet but I want to. I heard it's really good. A couple friends and I saw The Lakehouse a couple nights ago, and if you haven't seen it u have to. It was...wonderful : ) Have a great rest of the summer!