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August 06 2006
I have been thinking within the last five minutes about the Anti-Christ. If the end times are near does that mean that the antichrist is growing up right now? Is he going to college? or is he younger than that, maybe he plays soccer with his friends. Does he have friends? Is he inherently evil even as a child? Does he have a girlfriend? It is really wierd to think that maybe the Man who will one day be incarnated by Satan himself is currently making friends, going to school, or maybe working in an office, does he know that he is the antichrist? Does he preform satanic rituals when he is alone? What kind of person is he? Is he easy to get along with? Who Knows?

Bill Morgan

August 06 2006
Zay, OUCH !! Those are very intriguing questions. I don't know the answer .... but God does.

Josh Morgan

August 06 2006
Maybe he doesn't even know he's the Anti-Christ. Maybe he posted last Sunday wondering if the Anti-Christ is growing up right now.

Russell Rodden

August 07 2006
Imagine all the girls that dated the anti-Christ. How depressing to come to grips with that.

John Seeker

August 12 2006
What ever happened to Phillipians 4:8????