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The Last Samurai, Batman Begins


April 15 2006
So I was told yesterday that iframes were cheating in the wor for stats so I got rid of mine. I wan't to see if I can compete with  and . I doubt I can but I am going to try. so you should all visit my site at . Check it out.....


April 17 2006
i can't see what i type..even when i try to highlight it i still can't see it.

The Capn

April 17 2006
it doesn't load in the "recent posts" thing. it just shows something about how my browser sucks (i'm using firefox)

Rebekah Lewis

April 17 2006
Don't use that word...

David Ambrose

April 20 2006
hey, check out this poem i wrote this morning. i want everybody to read it and tell me what they think.