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March 05 2006

so yes..formal is over..and it was amazing! matt all went to demos's to eat then we headed over to the james c . union building for the presentation.after that we got our shirt and talked to everyone for a bit.then we all went to walmart...cause go use was closed...and the skating rink!AHH WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TOO!


but anyways..back to the story..


so we ended up going bowling from 12-2: )

and yes..twas fun

then i had to wake up oober early this morning for church:)


i was tired..

the end :)<3


March 05 2006
why you all didn't stay on dance? its be much of fun:)

kayla hale

March 05 2006
you looked extra adorable coming down the thing...yall were sooo cute together!! your dress was so pretty too...yeah love the pictures too =) ilu-kayla

Nathan Moore

March 06 2006
sounds fun.

Drink Dajen

March 07 2006
aww those pictures are cute. we all love sam!

Lin-Z HackneY

March 19 2006
haha i believe u need to update <3