8th grade graduation, boredom, and a slice of Hitler

May 26 2006

So my little baby brother was promoted today. Yay.

 cheers to Nathan.

there were a couple of Oakland Kids in there, watching their siblings graduate too. And Mr. Duke gets up to end the ceremony, and totally irrelevant to anything he was saying, someone yells


needless to say, I tried not to laugh. I mean, honestly, I know it was tacky, but it was SOO funny. My mom was so mad because i couldn't stop laughing. And all the other parents were really upset too, but Griffin, Meredith, Kyle, and I (scattered throughout the gym) were all laughing. I took one look at Meredith and grinned from ear to ear. And Griffin said he started laughing, stopped and was like, "hmm, no one else finds that funny....."

 what a good laugh.


May 26 2006
i cant believe your little borhter is gonna be in high shcool. & i wish i was there for the hitler thing.

Jesse Cannady

May 26 2006
that had to be one of the funniest things i have ever read- believe me- i would have been rolling on the ground dying laughing.

Aaron Roan

May 27 2006
I'll take care of him next year. I promise.