My Unexplained Title

April 18 2006

i've decided that i'm going to write a story.

my story.

the one of senior year. with the drama, cap and gown orders, fights, relationships, secrets, stupidity, lies, smiles, disappointments, triumphs, laughs, crying fits, random trips to whoknowswhere, bonding with people i barely know, pictures galore, and that little moment at the end of the day where i lay my head on my pillow and thank God he didnt pass me up on learning experiences.

my title?

"Welcome to the Fall"


I came back to school yesterday about 2:30 and sat in the theatre. watching everyone run around painting this, fixing that, explaining how this and that works. alone in the theatre audience. and it took everything not to cry.

 my role has changed from the actress to the audience.

Sarah Vermillion

April 18 2006
Sounds like one heck of a story.

the brian king kenobi

April 19 2006
if i had to write a story about this year . . . yeah, i don't think there's enough paper in the world . . .

Michael Van Vliet

April 19 2006
You are one brave soul