i want a titanic romance....

April 14 2006

you jump, i jump, right?

i want the romance, i want the connection, i want the secret story.

i want to risk it all to save the man i love. to brave drowning, tempt death at the very least for him to hold me one last time.

and the vivid memories that live in your head for the rest of your existence, holding on for dear life the one that you'd give your life for.

taking his name, holding his memory, keeping him in your heart for eternity.

and hearing the music fade in as you know you are in complete and honest love.

i want a titanic romance....

Brandon Ray

April 14 2006
but...there is nudity in Titanic!!!!


April 14 2006
me toooooo


April 15 2006
i do too... but can i get rid of the death part please?