if you remember me....

March 27 2006

if you have only known me for a short time, you missed some of the best years of my life. and i realized about 20 minutes ago, i miss them too.

K-7th: My glasses, no makeup, & my ponytail were me. Oh, and my braces were a Lovely addition in 7th grade.You barely saw my face because it was always wedged in a book and if you did see me, i was talking constantly(what a change!). Drama consisted of someone tattling on another or who broke up with who in the "going out" phase.

And now. after the contacts, makeup, and straighteners...the catfights, the boyfriends, the **** i deal with,

i enjoyed today. The day of the PJs, the ponytail, and glasses. the day where i didnt need television entertainment, I read a book. and if you didnt know i dread May 20th like the plague,

you don't know me at all.

*e-$*<~thanks to someone who makes me laugh.

Anna Miller

March 28 2006
Lascassas. . . man. I remember that play we were in, Spring Break, and you played a reaaaaaly old lady, lol.

Elaine Stephens

March 28 2006
hey girl, yep, those were the days... the days where you thought i was a stuck up snob, and you were the girl who talked waayyy too much (well it's true) lol then one night while our moms were doing yoga ("elaine.... the lights are out in there...") we were playing a retarded game of pool (with the sticks backwards, not to mention, and the guy who tried to show us how to do it right "i don't care what he says") things just sorta clicked. and the rest they say is history. but if you really think about it... it's not history... it's a new day every day that i'm blessed. i love you girl. thanks for everything you are. :)


March 29 2006
i dread may 20th like the plague times 94 million.


April 01 2006
you should be proud of me... I didn't go. If you remember what we talked about at work the other night. lol...

Aaron Roan

April 02 2006
Miss me? I was only gone for a few days. lol


April 15 2006
oh golly 7th grade... well it was better than 6th lol. i wouldnt go back for the life of me... except for the play maybe, cause we were the bomb old ladies.


April 15 2006
& i dont dread may 20. im livin for it. i cant wait. hopefully youll ease up some though cause college is gonna rock haevy.