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April 19 2006
wow its bee awhile... alot has happened but the best is im still with my one and only kimberly... i love you baby... Mwah


December 15 2005

 well yesterday turned out to be a great day... school sucked but after that i went and picked up kimberly and we went ice skating with my church and went to eat at angels.... its an italian restruant.... well i gotta take this on line test so i'll get on later and see if anyone has commentd me... well later.


December 14 2005
Hey whats going on... not to much with me... i have to get my wisdom teeth removed. yuck!!! i dont wana do it because i'm not going to get out of school... hmph... well yeah i had to miss school yesterday to go to the dentist and after that i went to alltel and i got a new phone.... the razor.... just like kimberly. well i love kimberly i have to get offline right now. bye bye

First entry

December 12 2005
Hey whats up all you new people that dont know me!!! ok yeah this is my first entry on this new thing which is cool because i'm at school and they actually let me on this site unlike xanga... well i'm going to play around online for a lil bit.