2 Weekends Ago

February 13 2006

Okay so 2 weeks ago I went to Lexington to see the UK vs. Alabama meet. It's taken me forever to get this stuff up b/c my computer kind of died for a while. You guys may not give 2 craps about gymnastics, but I'm going to recount my trip anyway:

Me on the road. I'm sure doing this while driving is illegal (or it probably should be :)

More driving ... 4.5 hours worth.

The Memorial Collisem.

The UK Mascot & Team

And now some of my favorite athletes:

Terin Humphrey - 1st AA

Cassie Martin - 2nd UB

Ashley Miles - 1st VT & FX

Team Alabama - 1st Team

Next stop on James's 2006 SEC Tour: Athens, GA


February 13 2006
GO UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!