I Pheel like Phusing

November 05 2005

Now this was an one odd little Saturday. Rob was out the door, bright @ like 7am which was just when I woke up. My usual Saturday morning library camp out went alright. I got a good amount of stuff done. Productivity is always nice. Now, I knew that a few of my friends weren't going to be here this weekend, but there was seriously nobody around today. Of course the weekend that nobody is here would be the time the football team scores its first home victory of the season. 45-7 over Arkansas State U. I know it's weird! I went over for like five minutes at around 4:45, and there we were severely lacking in the spectator department. I only saw one person I knew there, so I really had no reason to stay. Well on the bright side I got to spend a bit of time with a friend who's usually pretty busy, and I got to post the Homecoming @ Fall Retreat pictures I got back yesterday. Enjoy!