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i am ashamed...

February 27 2006

well we had bible study tonight. and it was a rude awakening for me at least. this weekend was one weekend for my church. and people said some stuff that really hit me hard about the way we treat other people. this weekend i dont really think i treated some people very well and i am extremely ashamed of myself for that. ya know i dont consider myself the type of person someone would want to look up to, but tonight someone said that people do look up to me, i dont know y, but then they also said that i really let people down in the way i acted that just really tore me up inside. i was completely broken. but im not going to dwell on something that is done and in the past. im going to look foward and learn from this mistake. and most importantly follow GOD. believe it or not HE really showed me some things this weekend, HE really moved in my life and i am so thankful for that.

Live by faith, through the spirit. and dont forget Hebrew 12:2.

a wise friend said we should all read that verse. well ill talk to yall later IN CHRIST- forrest


February 27 2006
Forrest you are a good man..dont be too hard on yourself.

kaitlin gay

February 28 2006
im here for you, love. you are an amazing guy and people do look up to you.. but we are human, we are going to slip up.. <b>dont be to hard on yourself</b>. learn from your mistake and keep striving to be more like Christ. we all make mistakes-dont let it get you down, because you make me SAD when you are all moping around =) .. know that i love you and im always here if yah wanna vent, or just kinda sit and think. hope your day gets better, remember-be the bigger person.. Jesus was.


March 08 2006
i'm w/ pipes, dude. ur a good guy, and sometimes we all need to let out some steam.