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September 15, 2009

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bowling, singing, writing, drama, paintball, baseball, football


mostly rock. but i'll listen to almost anything.


anything football related, anything with adam sandler. i LOVE friday night lights and we are marshall


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i really need someone to talk to.
and someone who'll lend me their shoulder to cry on.
someone to at least listen.

guess what?
no one's there.

go figure.
story of my life.
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[i did it.]


so i talked to hunter for the first time in weeks.

i guess it was a good thing.

all the feelings i thought i'd have, i didn't.

it really surprised me...

because i wasn't quite sure if i had completely forgiven him or not.

but i now know that i pretty much have.


yeah, it's still really weird talking to him as friends.

i can guarantee that's not gonna change...for a while at least. 

but i'm glad i have one of my really good friends back..


and all i can do is hope he feels the same way.

yeah, i did like him a lot, and yeah, he did hurt me a lot.

but somehow i was willing to forgive him and move on.

and it feels good.

and even though there will always be feelings for him somewhere,

and if it means i have to let them go to get my friend back,

i'm willing to do that.




i'm done. haha.


love you all.


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[wasting away.]

today was better…
i saw potency through pain.
i didn’t even imagine that was possible.
i saw a smile throughout all the horrible conditions.
i saw her pushing through when it seemed there was nothing left.
and i wondered why i couldn’t contain that myself.
why i had to worry and question anything and everything…
and why i couldn’t just take it and progress with life like she seems to have achieved.
why i had to be the pathetic and weak individual that can’t make it through a SOLITARY storm.
i seem to have to rely on so many people,
even when i recognize that they have tribulations of their own.
why can’t i be like them and hold on forever?
i don’t know. but i wish i could be tough enough for other people additionally.

will i ever be that strong?
strong enough to bear my burden plus other’s?
is my determination adequate, or will i fall short like everything else i attempt to accomplish?

recently it seems i’ve been relying on more people than i have ever before.
i’ve been fragile within my core…not able to keep my situate for extended periods of time.
and when i would love to be there for others, all i can say is “i’m sorry”
..which, in truth, isn’t very apologetic at all in the first place..
knowing that will never be enough…cause it’s never sufficient for me.

i don’t know what happened to me.
whether it is the state of affairs i’m in
or whether i’m just wasting away as an individual.
i can’t really tell the differentiation any longer, anyways,
why even attempt to distinguish which one of the two it is?

the only way to liberate my emotions
is to release them on paper.
i’m sure they don’t even seem sensible any longer
i frankly don’t care anymore…
when you have nowhere else to turn,
a pen and paper will always “take note”.
regardless of what kind of an individual you are,
where you’ve been in life,
or what you’ve had to go through.
neither of the two worry about your appearance or outward show…
how many friends you have,
what type of car you drive,
or what vicinity you reside in.
they’ll forever be present, listening conscientiously.

well, i hope i’ll go somewhere at some stage in life.
and i hope that somewhere isn’t “insane”.
i’ll just continue walking..hoping to stumble upon something in this life
to keep me going.
because i’m running out of options rapidly.

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constantly, i feel like i can't hold on any longer.
when i'm at the conclusion of my rope…
and i still have miles to go before i'm at the bottom of my valley on the ground.
when the end keeps getting closer and closer
and all i can do is watch and wait for it to be over.
i feel like i'm trapped and no matter what endeavor i formulate
or how hard i press on and strive, i will never achieve anything.
so i keep hanging on for precious life
waiting for something or someone to come rescue me
or waiting for the end.

i don't know how to handle this kind of stress
all the anxiety that's been weighing on my mind for so long
wondering if i have something to anticipate in the morning or not.
…or if i'll even manage 'til morning…
sometimes i don't even desire to. sometimes i wish it'd all just cease
and i could have my true happiness back.
my old life. the way i used to feel.
not having to question, worry, or lose sleep over everything.

i know that some of you assume i'm too extreme or crazy.
that's all right. you haven't been where i've been.
you haven't walked where i have walked.
you don't know what i've seen or what i've experienced.
you have no idea how i feel and how i think.
so many things tally up to make me what i am at this moment in time…
and even though i'm not faultless, i am who i desire to be
well, when you deduct the melancholy.

i'm eager for a change.
i don't want her to feel pain any longer.
i don't want her to have to experience this any longer.
i wish i could take it for her..i truly, honestly do.
and all i can do, is pray.
that's it. and to me, it just doesn't appear like it's sufficient.
but, i'm just a teenaged girl…no wealth, no verve, no supremacy.
just me. and it's not adequate. it never will be.
i love her.
and i'll keep on waiting for my happy conclusion
whether it comes or not.
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[letting it go]

i discover myself wanting something so terribly it hurts.
wishing i could alter things about myself to make things happen.
but i know that i must obliterate this obsession from memory.

i'm much too juvenile to be this attached to something so mature.

i've tried this once before and failed.
i only dug myself a deeper grave.
becoming excessively misplaced in my emotions...
letting them control my existence.
i don't want to relive those moments.
by only wanting something i couldn't possess.
caused myself to fill a void that i fashioned for myself.
i still sense the ache within my heart.
and still desire that i would never have considered any of this.
occasionally, my thoughts threaten my welfare.
putting myself into situations i'd rather not be a part of.
but i know that i'll be all right. i just have to keep telling myself
that despite the fact that i want this so horribly, i'll have to allow it to fade away.
i'll have to let it go no matter how bad it hurts…
no matter how much i'll lament releasing it.
don't think i'll be capable of looking it in the eyes with unchanged manner.
i'll always have recollections of the long lost history…
but i know this is for the better…i just have to be strong

and let it go.

here it goes. i'm throwing it over the edge,
into the profound, sinister, abyss..
never to be seen once more.

i sense the grip of my hand gradually lose its influence.
as the obsession that apprehended me for so long
floats downward at a steady velocity.
a few moments later, vanished from sight.
gone forever.

i can, at last, breathe once more
and salvage my previous being.

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