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September 15, 2009

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bowling, singing, writing, drama, paintball, baseball, football


mostly rock. but i'll listen to almost anything.


anything football related, anything with adam sandler. i LOVE friday night lights and we are marshall


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so i like totally forgot about updating this thing...


well my human video didn't place and my worship team took 6th in the nation =] it was pretty amazing.


school is back in session now...kinda sucks, but i was ready for something new. i've got a couple hard classes this year, but for the most part, i don't think i'm gonna die or anything...haha.


buuuuttttt yeah.

life is amazing....

me and this one boy are talking again.

so that's definitely been the highlight of my month.. =]

hah. hopefully things will work out this time.


i'm gonna go now.

love you all...


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i'll be in indianapolis until saturday for national competition with my church...


so if you need me, just text or call



love you guys!!


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i pretty much got my hair chopped off.


but i like it.

which really surprised me. haha.


so, nationals is in like 10 days..and i'm reaaaallly excited. =]

our HV is AMAZING. haha..i love it. 

umm. and our worship team is pretty awesome.

and of course, when the miller girls go, they're bound to do something..haha.

but i love my "sisters"..they're pretty cool. 



that's about it!




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i am so glad to be back from kids camp. =]

although i know i'm gonna miss it..

it was a lot of fun, and i got to know the kids better.

but the best part was the kids grew closer to god.

and i loved it.




but i'm definitely exhausted..

hah. time for a nap.  

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[happy 18th]

happy birthday hunter! haha.

gah, this is when it sucks to not have your phone. lol.


but yeah.

things are going alright i guess.

it's still hard not having my aunt around.

i know it's gotta be hard for my uncle and cousins going back home without her.


hmm. yeah. i'm going to camp again from this monday till friday.

this time i'm going with the kids from my church. it's gonna be a lot of fun.


you know, lately i've realized how much i miss some of my friends.

hunter, for instance, things just kinda got weird after the breakup..but i really miss our phone calls..haha, those were the BEST. who knows...he's probably not even reading this. oh well


but yeah. i miss a lot of my friends.

i wish i could go back in time and change some things...

but i guess that's just life.


enough of me rambling...

 but anyways...

happy 18th birthday hunter!

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