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March 25, 2007

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, anything, well mostly anything


anything but country and guys trying to sing slow, o yea, and disney stuff


hmm... good question


bible, jesus freaks!, how to be a jesus freak, and the great gatsby(lol, yea right)

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im still pretty busy, but who cares, we only got one more six weeks.  ill try to actually do a real update pretty soon.  sorry, but i just feel like doing one right now. haha
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i need to slow down

im way!!!!!!!! to busy.  i bet there is a few people out there that agree with me. 
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God is tight

well,  i cant really say much about the trip, or i would be typing probably forever.  so its all good.  just ask me and i will tell u.  but it was an amazing trip.  it just goes to show how HUGE God is.  and how small we are.   its really awesome to see something that big, use something so small and dirty.  but he did, and he used us well.  all Glory be to God.  we didnt do anything in Mexico.  it was all God.  we didnt save 4383, our father did.  he just let us see it happen.  and i thank him for that. 
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Stay strong

well, yup, one more day and then i am off to Mexico.  and ive been hearing people talk about what all they are ganna do this spring break.  its ganna be soooo hard for us to stay strong.  but do it anyways,  stay close to God. 

stay strong and close to Christ,  even if you are the outcast.  we are not chosen to be christians just so we will fit in.  we chose this to honor our father.

and you may not always feel the support of others, but stay strong in christ.  you may be shunned by the world, but just know,  ur father is smiling down on his trusting, faithful child.  so stay strong, and enjoy your spring break.  its ganna be an awesome one. 

o yea, one more thing that i thought of.  why does it take something this big to get me on fire for God.  that is something i def have to watch out for.  we should always be this excited for God.  because he can always work,  not just in Mexico, but even here.  yes yes, even here. so go out and do it.  STAY STRONG!!!!!!!

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A wise suggestion

well, i guess things arent really falling into place right now.  but i just got an awesome suggestion from an awesome girl.  my awesome friend, she is a girl, and yes, we are together, lol, left me an awesome comment.  dont let the small things get to you.  and i guess that is what has been happening lately.  just the smallest things have been getting to me, and they keep adding up.  and if i didnt let them get to me in the first place, then i wouldnt be annoyed by some things.  if that makes since.  now dont think i dont care about stuff that is going on.  that isnt it, i am just choosing to let it bounce right off of me.  im not going to waste my time, being worried or annoyed by things.  i cant be worrying about WORLDLY THINGS.  this last week before i go to mexico is going to be a challenge.  and i dont want to be overcome, or defeated by something, just because i am annoyed or something.  over the smallest thing.  this week im ganna let God get to me.  i want him to get to me sooooooo bad, that it would become annoying.  i dont think that would happen, but i do want him to just overwhelm me with things.  anything!  so yea, i guess thats about it.  thanks kristen for that awesome advice.  ooooooo yea


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