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March 25, 2007

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, anything, well mostly anything


anything but country and guys trying to sing slow, o yea, and disney stuff


hmm... good question


bible, jesus freaks!, how to be a jesus freak, and the great gatsby(lol, yea right)

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So many things unsaid, spoken by actions,

actions sometimes exhibited by doing nothing.

Does that make me a renegade, or just one that holds things in. 

It's already set, the battle, the war, the defeat, the victory. 

Somebody is always different.  We are never the same,

Someone's heart is crying out, u ganna listen. 

You ganna cry out with them, will you weep with them?

Or just let it roll right off your back. 

Maybe you will pick it up another day.

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i love

gosh, dont you just love the defined meaning of unspoken words.  i love it, when it happens. u can look at someone, and have a conversation with no words.  i just love the meaning.  there is so much to be said, and u let it all out, through ur eyes.  thats when you know u have a pretty good friend. 
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head up

well, the finish line is freakin right in front of me.  it seems like im getting everything thrown at me as well, to try to trip me up, but im not ganna let it get me.  im finishing with my head high.  FREAKIN 9 DAYS!!!!!!!
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Live for the man who cant,

Speak for the man who has no voice,

Seek for the man who is blind,

Listen for the man who is deaf,

Drink for the man who is hungry,

Walk, NO! Sprint for the man who has no legs,

Praise the man who is your Father.

For that is our life, now AND FOREVER!

May his children unite as ONE, and give praise to the only ONE. 

May we seek only his face, and be blinded by the world. 


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its all good

well... i guess its about time for an update.  it just feels like im so busy now that i havent had time for anything.  and hopefully im not so busy that i might be distancing myself with some of my friends.  but i guess that can also be a good thing.  in a way. 

but i dont know.  it just seems like a lot is going on right now in a few of my friends life.  and ive never been through any of it.  so what do i say.  i mean, im always here for them, and im praying for them.  but i just wish there was a physical thing i could do, just to make some of them smile.  just for one second.  aaahhh that would be great.  i know for myself that God challenges us.  but its sometimes so hard to see your friends going through a rough time, and not seeing God in it at all.  and then they ask the question.  WHERE IS GOD IN ALL THIS?  you know the feeling, right when it comes out of their mouth.  then what?  do u just say o well he is there, i know he is. and everything will work out on its own.  yea, that might trick a few people, but i just wish there was a way for some of my brothers and sisters to see God.  face to face, and it seems like some of them are just slipping away. we all are.  i just pray that you dont get in the attitude of doing things tomorrow.  finish them today.  stop right now, and turn ur eyes to God.  he has been there this whole time.  i dont know, ive just been a little broken seeing some of my closest friends drift away.  and i really dont enjoy that.  but God is God, and whatever happens, we must give him praise.  because it is coming from God.  so it is good. 

It is well, with my soul, it is well, it is well, with my soul. 

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