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March 25, 2007

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, anything, well mostly anything


anything but country and guys trying to sing slow, o yea, and disney stuff


hmm... good question


bible, jesus freaks!, how to be a jesus freak, and the great gatsby(lol, yea right)

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well. its been a while, but now im back in Murfreesboro.  Florida was a blast, but im so glad to be back home.  it just doesnt feel right whenever im gone away from everybody.  but i guess that is how it is ganna be, within one year, that is exactly what is going to happen.  everybody is ganna be moving on, its not a bad thing, its just kind of sad.  but i guess thats reality. within this one week that ive been gone, it seemed like so much stuff happened back here in murfreesboro.  all this happened within one week. this year is ganna fly by, so im ganna make sure that i try to enjoy it as much as i can,  we cant let small or even big things come between us and our joy for each other.  its ganna be a good year, other than school starting in 13 days.  CRAP

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i found it

well, this will probably bore most of u, because it is written only for one person, but thats ok.  u can read it if u want.  a couple of nights ago, one of my greatest friends in the world and i were talking about death, and stuff like that.  it was about 12 at night, over the internet, haha, and it really opened my eyes to some things.  i told her about a song that was going along with what we were talking about, but she couldnt hear it.  but its ok, i found it.  so kristen here u go.  this is the song i was talking about. 


by Mute Math

Down on my knees, down on my face
You just say, it's ok
So many days I've thrown away
But you just say, it's ok
I don't think I could ever repay
Your perfect grace, but it's ok

It's ok. It's ok
It's ok, It's ok
You've become my embrace
Just tell me that it's ok
Your precious words intoxicate
A heart that aches, it's ok
And You don't recall my past mistakes
You just say it's ok
And this human mind can't calculate
Your perfect grace, but it's ok

Even though you've seen
A thousand times I've let you down
You're always there if I should call Your name
You're unashamed, oh unashamed.

  so there u go, i thought it went right along with what we were talking about.  everybody, im going off to florida, so dont have to much fun without me.  i know how murfreesboro is.  there is always something fun and awesome to do.  haha jk, murfreesboro is....... well its just murfreesboro.  so keep it really real.  ttyl.  ill be praying for all yall.   stay strong.  peace

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well im off now, well actually saturday morning, but its ganna be a great trip. im ganna miss all my friends, especially my best great girlfriend. so yea, ill just cya in florida, bye 333
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quote of the day

have u ever sneezed soooooo loud that u scared yourself?????        yea, me either

have u ever been soooooo rich in money that u didnt know what to do with it?             haha, yea me either....          peace playas.........



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yep, im just ganna go ahead and say it, i love it, i think it is good for the kids, but vbs is hard for a janitor. lol, i bet its taken a few years off my life from all the stress they have caused me, but its all good.  we are the youth of the church, and they are the youth of us.  so lets raise them right. 
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