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September 12, 2010

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i love shopping! 4wheeling dirtbikes camping snowboarding riding horses manicures(of corse doesnt every girl!!!) bowling movies and basically just hanging around with my friends


Rap, hiphop, country, sometimes i like heavy metal(depends on my mood)


Benchwarmers, material girls, titanic, 1 missed call, alvin and the chipmunks, pirates of the carribean 1, 2, and, 3 spider man 1, 2, and, 3


carrie, misery (not very many i know! nothing personal but i hate reading!)

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with one simple gesture you can save a persons life.
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Have you ever wondered why we want the people we cant have and that we have the people that we really dont want? I really like this guy NOW and i come to find out that my chance has come and passed. Okay he used to really like me but i wasnt ready for a relashionship with him and i didnt really like him that mmuch then well i kinda did but i was scared to go further with him and of course when he asked me out i said no BIG MISTAKE, and now that he doesnt like me that much anymore i really really like him and i just dont know how im gonna get over him i really want to but for some reason i just CANT i used to think it would be easy to just STOP liking someone but i've come to find out that its not that easy, you cant just make your life come to a halt and stop loving someone ( can you ? ) Well i dont know truthfully i dont think i ever will but somehow it will work its way out i hope! ( advise please )
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Sometimes i think about life after death i know there has to be more than what meets the eye i know for alot of people when they think of the end they think of being buried but i know there has to be more than just taking a ride to your grave in a hearse but i know whatever happens after death everyone is going to experience so i guess ill just wait and find out for myself.
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The Future

Have you ever just sat and wondered about the future and asked yourself, am i going to make a family, or am i going to be successfull in the career i worked so hard for, or am i even going to live long enogh to get married. Lets face it the future is a scary place and we have to face it one step at a time whether we want to or not. Sometimes i just sit and try to plan things out but you have to remember alot of things dont go as they are planned i guess you just have to look at it this way god made plans for all of us so whatever happens in my life is meant to happen i just have to steer myself the right way until i get there!

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I dont know why but here lately i just dont know what is going on with me one day i'll be fine and then the next day i just dont feel like myself and like i am depressed i dont know why this is happening to me and i dont know when its going to end all i know is god is the answer to all my problems and he holds the KEY. so maybe all of this is meant to be happening to me but im not realyy sure i havent really opened up about this before so i hope im doing the right thing but maybe one day when i am older i will understand what i am going through but for now it remains a mystery
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