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September 22, 2011

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i love sports...volleyball basketball and track [hurdles :). love church. love my awesomest friends that everybodys jealous of :P


contemporary christian...rock/ listen to the radio a lot


BENCHWARMERS!!! Accepted Facing the Giants We Are Marshall Coach Carter Finding Nemo


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i have noooo idea what but sumthins

gonna happen in 1 week & 22 days!

lol. austin...u know what im talkin

bout...= ]

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im here!!

hey yall!!

im savannah but most of u know me as austins friend from north carolina but...oh well

i miss em sooo much even though i talk 2 em a lot

hes told me all about yall & how he likes me better. lol not really

he prolly didnt tell yall how i beat him @ air hocky a billion times...using my left hand...& im right handed lol its ok 


i luv sports & i play all tha time. i go 2 church & luv God & wanna live 4 Him

theres not that much 2 kno bout me but there ya go

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