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November 22, 2011

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Rough hands, dirty clothes, the smell of wood chips, sweat drenched shirt, tan skin, 98 degree weather. I\'m not purposed to spend my days inside, either at a desk in front of a computer or vacuuming a big building all day. The incredible sense of accomplishment that comes from being outside working all the strength in my body to destroy dead stumps. I\'m worn out, but I feel incredible.
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flash..... BOOM!!

It\'s 2:38AM on Saturday morning. I went to a little class reunion thing and grilled burgers. I went swimming in the middle of the incredible lightening storm. Then at 1:00AM I went to IHOP I drank 4 pots of coffee and it only cost me $1.59! I had time to catch up with a friend of mine.

I\'m wired now, guess I\'ll clean my room.
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I think God is trying to teach me something, I just don\'t know exactly what. A month ago, I was ready for school to start. I was budgeted to be able to pay for it (mostly :)). But then life kicked in. I went to renew my insurance and it went up. I got a nail in the back tire which ate $180. Two nights ago, on the way home, my clutch cable broke and I had to order a new one. Since I needed it ASAP, overnighting it costed $30 extra. I\'m starting to get the feeling that I may not be able to pay for school. Student loans aren\'t the answer, I\'ve got some of those already and I\'m paying on them. (Dumbest decision of my life).

I\'m trying to figure out what God\'s teaching me. I\'m also trying not to let myself jump in and take control. I will only mess things up more. Any insight?
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Who Moved My Cheese?

I don\'t usually shy away from change, but soo much change over so little time is a little unnerving.
I worked my last night at Don Pablo\'s tonight. It isn\'t often that I quit jobs, so it felt very wierd. It was a good thing though (I\'ve been working seven days a week for about 3 months. 4 days off in that time). School starts this month. I\'m returning to MTSU after being out of school altogether for a year. I\'m a little nervous about starting back not to mention affording it all. In a few weeks, I\'m going to have to move... again. I\'d like to be settled into a house before school starts, but I\'m not sure that\'s going to happen seeing as August\'s calendar is running over with AO stuff.

The Prince of Peace is faithful to His name. Laying everything at His feet awards me the most overwhelming peace. He will make a way and provide the joy and peace I long for.
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\"In the lone hour of my sorrow
Through the darkest night of my soul
You surround me and sustain me
My defender, forevermore.\" --Tim Hughes

I am so unworthy. Time and time again, I will fail Christ. He gives and pours into and nurtures me, I pay with disobedience, He still loves.

Over the last several months, my spiritual growth has been awesome. But, amazingly enough, I seem to be hit the hardest when I\'m at my highest. However, His mercy, forgiveness, and love are boundless. Through everything, He still loves and protects. I can\'t stop praising Him for what He has done.

Create in my a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me. --Psalm 51:10
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