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August 11, 2006

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Music. Singing. Baseball. Football. Clothes. Basically anything..


Rasmus. Avenged Sevenfold. Relient K. Jason Mraz. Gavin Degraw. Fall Out Boy. Stereophonics. Country. Pop.... everything?




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boys suck.<3.

are there any out there that like girls for who THEY are?
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life is going great.
I love my friends.
I like a boy.
I love God.
I love church..
hehe.. I love YOU!
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School is great.

I made Singers. yay.

I love you all
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first day..

Last night I stayed the night with Courtney & we didnt sleep then I went to school and Courtney\'s in TWO of my classes! *yay* I am excited. Then after wards a whole bunch of us went to Camino Real and ate.. Then went to Brians and swam.. went to Wee Mans and chilled there. I went to work.. im not really tired for only taking an hour nap. hehehe.

Happy Birthday Courtney & Brett! I love you both so much!

Yawl can IM me sometime on AIM at elisabeth9487..loveyou
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All week I have basically been hanging out with Courtney, and I have had a total blast. This morning we woke up early around 9 and went to Riverdale t check our Senior schedules!!! :) heh. We got some awesome classes :D
Life is going great. I love life. I couldnt ask for a better one. I thank God everyday for everything and all
my friends! ((i love you all)).
Gotta clean&wakeup early for Working ALLL day but I get to see Brian


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