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August 11, 2006

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Music. Singing. Baseball. Football. Clothes. Basically anything..


Rasmus. Avenged Sevenfold. Relient K. Jason Mraz. Gavin Degraw. Fall Out Boy. Stereophonics. Country. Pop.... everything?




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:) hehe

YoungLife last night was amazing!<3
Had a fabulous walk and talk with the lovely Katie Armstrong!
I have realized how much I have changed over the coarse of high school & all the friends I have gotten, and how much they truely mean to me. The talk with Katie made me realize a lot about myself. I love talking to her. I love talking to people that understand me, and will listen to me. Thanks girl, I love you!<3

Bowling today against Oakland. We lost, but heyy I got 2 points for our team! :)
Me: 128 .... Kayce: 98
Me: 112 .... Kayce: 94?..i think? not too sure.

Life is amazing. Boys: eEep..iunooo.. Friends: eEep I love em!
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School..going alot better!
Friends..eEp i adore them<3
Boys..i like one && he likes me

YoungLife: AMAZING. I officially MISS SharpTop! GaH it was so beautiful out there..and so many great people..<3 Us Senior Girls, get our younglife senior girl shirts sOon<3
Senior Year..wOw it's going fast, eH? we ordered our cap&gown the other day and we have to order our announcements!
**who's going to my graduation? lol**
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SharpTop Cove with YoungLife

So.. YoungLife went to SharpTop!
It was an amazingly awesome weekend.
Daniel and I are doing sO much better<3
aH.. iadoreYoungLife<3
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uGh.. im a screw up.

got in a wreck today \'rents took my license.
im a failure.
havent spoken to my boyfriend barely any..
uHm.. jacob rocks! thanks for making me smile today :)
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Singers is going great.
Bowlings going great.
Boys..bLaH.. havent found a great one :/
School is okay. Getting math help now.. yippie..not.

i love YOU
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