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July 11, 2007

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Jesus could come back any time now.

Perhaps while you are reading this blog.

Are you ready to go? 

Would you be left behind?

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More of the BVB's

Here's another one that I did. 

Guitars are really hard to draw if you didn't know that already.  Oh, and seriously, if anyone wants to try one, it would actually make me happy.  Or maybe suggest a drawing for another one or another bible verse. 
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So I was driving to work going a few miles over the speed limit when a trucker flashes his lights at me.  I slowed down to the speed limit, and as I expected, there was a state trooper sitting on the side of the road just waiting for a speeder.  Well I'm very grateful to that trucker man.  That ever happened to anyone else before?  I'm sure that noone else speeds.  Maybe I'm talking to the wrong crowd.  Oh well.  
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BV Backgrounds

So  I'm thinking about starting a little project on the side, because I definately need something else to do right?  NO!  But if anyone else wants to help out that would be cool.  Might even start a website or something.  I've messed around with an already made background before by adding a Bible verse to it, but this time I made my own background by drawing a picture of the guy, scanning it, and then coloring and putting finishing touches on it with GIMP.  I think that it would be neat to start making fly backgrounds with scriptural applications on them for desktops and such.  If anyone else is interested in helping out and having a little fun, then be my guest.  We could make some really cool ones.  Here's my very first one...

Opinions anyone?   Oh and the BV Backgrounds stands for Bible verse Backgrounds.  Name for the site maybe?  Who knows. 
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Bad Day?

Well today was a whopper of a day.  I got up late because I didn't hear
my alarm.  I got stressed out thinking of all the things that I need to
get done, but won't have time for.  I tried to get off work for a bible
study that I was supposed to play drums for the worship for, but was
unsuccessful.  I had to replace the tags for my dad's car at a place in
the square that I drove all over looking for (he gave me the wrong
directions on accident).  I stood in a really long line for what only
took several minutes to actually accomplish once it was my turn, only
to find out that I could have used a drive thru to complete the
transaction in half the time without the wait.   I went to work and was
placed in a position that I've never worked before, and had to learn on
my own.  I stayed late closing with Danielle and #2 (the manager),
because I felt obligated to help with what was supposed to be my job
until the owner switched us at the last minute.  I say all that to say
this.  Every day people post about how bad they have it unless their
day was practically perfect.  Well.  My day didn't exactly have many
high points at all, but imagine if my post read something like this
(which is all true)......

Today was great!  I got some extra sleep because my alarm clock allowed
me some extra sleep.  I ended up not getting to do the gig tonight
because I had to work, but I do need the money anyway.  I drove around
for a while in the square trying to find the place to renew your tags. 
I asked this really nice guy how to get there, and he showed me exactly
where to go.  When I got there, I was in heaven, because it was very
air conditioned, and the lady at the desk was really nice to me. 
Everything there worked out fine.  I met up with Steph, and we went to
Wal Mart and messed around, and then went to my house to watch a movie
with my brother.  I needed some time with her.  I had to work tonight,
and I got to get plenty of hours there.  I had some good conversations
with people, and I think I brightened some peoples days.  All in all I
had fun today.

Now didn't the second version make you happier?  I don't know.  I guess
that I'm just sick of people writing how depressed and bad they have
it.  Life isn't fair a lot of the times.  The Bible says very clearly: 
"In everything you do, stay away from complaining and arguing."  Now I
know that I'm guilty of this alot.  I don't wanna be though.  Let's be
positive.  Being negative makes us no different than the rest of the
world.   Making sense to anyone?  Is it just me?

I know this is long, but just remark pretending like you read it.  ;)
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