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July 11, 2007

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I hate the sinking feeling that you get when you find out that one of
your Christian friends or maybe just someone that you looked up to, has
secretly been doing things that they were openly against (or so I
thought).  I'm not judging.  I just wasn't in the mood to get that
feeling tonight, but it happens......particularly right after high
school ends.  I don't hate the person, just the feeling that I get. 
Usually just utter disappointment. 

Well, I won't let that get me down.  Tomorrow night I get to see
Steph!  Plus I get to go camping with lots of neat people.  I can't
wait to set up a tent, build a fire to sing and talk around, and just
have that good outdoorsy feeling.  It's a good feeling.  I hope
everyone enjoys their fall break! 
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Woo hoo!

I am super excited about CCCF this weekend.  You guys should
definately ask me about it if you are in college or a senior in high
school.  We are planning to go camping this weekend at Cedars of
Lebanon State Park.  There will be adults there just in case your
parents are wondering.  Some things that you need to bring if you are

Sleeping bag and pillow
Warm clothes
A lawn chair
$7 (to cover the cost of food and site rental)
Bible (we'll be having a devotion at night)
A tent would be nice if you have one.

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Hey.  Let me know who all is interested in going camping on the 15th
and 16th.  It would be cool to know soon.  You have to be a senior in
high school or be college aged.  Give me a call or text me or my
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Your Wildest Dreams Will Come True

Apparently, my parents had been planning this for a while.  Friday night the 14th we are taking CCCF (the college aged and high school seniors group) to Cedars of Lebanon State Park and camping overnight there.  Definately some campfireage, smoreage, and funage.  It would be AWESOME if you could come.  Interested?  That's MTSU's fall break by the way.
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You are laying down in a tent with fresh warm socks on.  You are
underneath the sleeping bag and you can hear the thumping of a slow
rain on your water proof tent.  You slowly watch the water drain off of
the top and follow it to about mid way down where you can see the glow
of the campfire that is slowly getting put out by the falling water
droplets.  You just lay there almost in a trance as you let the
rainfall lull you to sleep.

So I was sitting in my van and it was raining and I just sat there for
a while listening.  Now I really want to go camping bad.  Anyone else
for some fall camping?
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