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July 11, 2007

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Home Sweet Home

Well then.  I\'m home finally and astonishingly bored.  I wanna hang out with people but I\'m finding that noone is really available to do anything.  Everyone has to work.  So I guess we\'ll just have to do stuff when everyone is available.  Give me a call guys!  I\'m bored.
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Wow.  I think that I just found the most addicting sport in the world.  My hallmates and I played racquetball yesterday and today for about 4 hours a day.  It\'s kinda funny that we didn\'t discover this glorious sport until the end of the semester, but there is always next semester.  But anyway today me and Jonathan just played by ourselves for at least a couple of hours.  It\'s so much fun!  I hope that we can find a spot in Murfreesboro that has some good courts or something.  That would be cool.  Anyways, that is all.  I\'m doing good in school.  So far the only grade that I\'ve finalized is a B in a 2nd year English class called Rhetoric and Research.  I just wish that it was just as easy for me to write about a specific given topic than it is for me to write about my thoughts and random concerns.  Oh well.  I guess I\'ll just have to suck at research papers.  I believe that that was my last English class though so boo yah.  Alright guys.  Leave me some remarks!  
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Well.  I was just thinking today how that God works.  I don\'t know about you guys, but sometimes I wonder why I did stupid things in the past (no I never did any terrible thing, and even if I did I don\'t think it\'s appropriate to post it on blogs and such).  Today I realized that there might be another reason besides just testing your faith or making you more patient.   It seems more recently that guys have come to me with certain issues and I have been able to help them because of my previous experience handling such things.   I\'m not saying that people should experience a lot of sin in order to become super affective counselers, but I am saying that it\'s funny how God can take a mistake in your life and make it a tool to build a fellow Christian up.  Just a thought.  Am I making sense?  Do you guys get what I am talking about?
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It seems like it\'s more fun to think on blogs and post questions.  Like.....
I think that I\'ve had a big struggle for a long time in my life, and it only took one friend to say, \"Hey, I\'ve been noticing that.............\" and I seemed to just immediately try harder to not do that thing and it became less and less of a problem.  Funny how that works huh?  Sometimes a constructive criticism given in love is the best gift that a friend can give someone.  Food for thought.  Don\'t think that you are hurting someone by pointing out what they need to change. 
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What Women Want

Well guys.  It has once again been a while.   I think that it is a funny concept in the movie What Women Want.  If you haven\'t seen it, it is where a guy inherits the ability to hear women\'s thoughts as if they were talking to him.  A lot of the time I think that this tool would come in handy an awful lot.  Most of the time I just wish I knew what someone was thinking or whether or not what I say is being taken the way I want it to.  I guess that will never happen though.  Just a thought.  What do you guys think about that?  I mean reading people\'s thoughts would be beneficial, but I guess not when everyone could.  Then there would be no reason for talking.  
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