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August 17, 2008

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Jesus, God, Jesus, God, Church, Friends, hanging out, and writing.


Christian, I love Third Day and multiple other bands


Tommy Boy is the best movie of all time. I also love the Matrix.


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Well, I guess I can't really think of anything too exciting to
Um, yesteray I went back to the boro for the first time
this semester, and it was a blast.  It was so good to take a
weekend I didn't spend entirely in Cleveland, and I guess, just being
able to see all of my friends back home again.  If you didn't see me... sorry? I guess? 
Hooper, Paul, Chris, Kate, Rebecca, and I, along with Mr.Hooper, watched the super bowl at his house, and THE COLTS WON.  Bonus.
YES! PEYTON'S GOT A RING!  Yep, I'm happy.
I guess it's pretty cool that this is my last week of GST, so after
this friday, I'll have one class on Monday's, a cafe and another on
wednesdays, and non on Fridays.  Yeah, it's pretty sweet.
O,and something REALLY cool...
I'm going on KCC's ski trip as a youth leader, and after being able
to go down a super tough black diamond last year, I'm pretty psyched
about pretty much skiing as hardcore as I want.  FEB 15-17. 
We leave the 15th at about four PM, five hour drive, get there, rent
our skis, and then ski from like 9AM-10PM on Friday.  Drive back
on Saturday.
Okay... there's your update on my
O, and Jentzen Franklin's speaking this coming SUnday night:
I'm pretty pumped, he's probably my favorite speaker I've heard so
far.  he's the only chapel speaker from who I got the CD of his

Los comment....os.... right..

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Learning Spanish (Aprendiendo Espanol)

(Random interjection, my picture is on Lee's homepage!)
The only thing is, it's from behind, and it kind of looks like I'm Hitler, though I'm praising God.
ha, how ironic. Anyway...

Just for anyone who is interested in speaking spanish, and of those who
read this, I think that makes this practical, if you have i-tunes
there's this new pod cast called "spanish coffee break" that started in
October, and it's pretty awesome. There have been 24 episodes so far,
and a new one comes out every week.  And of course, the coolest thing
is that all of it is free, it automatically subscribes you to the pod
cast so that you get the new episode every week.  Yes, it is fairly
basic, but the thing is, it teaches you conversational spanish, and the
teaching method establishes your vocabulary in things you use in
conversation, and I guess the biggest thing is that it hammers into
your memory the conversational words you might have problems
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Why is poop such a funny word?

Poopity poopity poop poo poo pa choo.
Poo poop poopty poopity poopooty poo.

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Unto God always

always here people say “live a life of worship.” I, myself, had
God tell that to me after prayer once, no more than a couple weeks
ago. And as I walked out of that prayer time, my mentality and
everything was so much.... better. I don't know, there's just
something about constantly having Him on your mind, and to exalt Him
and lift Him up in everything that you do. Living a lifestyle of
worship, all that you do is unto Him.

Well, I
guess I would say this is definitely one of those verses that
encapsulates that.


I will
extol the LORD at all times;
his praise will always be on my lips.

praise is always on my lips. Now.. I don't really think you can have
any type of productive conversation with other people if you're
constantly saying “Bless Jesus, Blessed be His name, Glory to God!”
I mean, think about it “What's up Adam?” “Blessed be the name
of the Lord, Praised be His name!” “Um.. okay, how was class?”
“Jesus is good, Hallelujah, let His name be exalted!”.. you get
the point. But you can be lifting Him up in every conversation you
have, even when it has nothing to do with God or how good He is or
anything. Living a lifestyle of worship is so much more than
repetitive exaltations to God, at least, in the sense that we
initially think. But no matter what, I should somehow be praising
God in what I'm saying, which makes me think about complaining, about
self pity and loathing, and even about “venting” as we call it.
Is what we're saying praise to God or not? I would say complaining
and self pity really can't ever be, but I would say, however, that we
can vent, and still be lifting God up. What I mean is, I can be
expressing my frustration, weakness, or humanity, to God, but
with this mindset: You're still good, you're still in control, and
I'm letting you know about my problems because You're my abba Father,
you care, and I know you'll help me through this.
This, as
opposed to “God, I hate the situation I'm in, and it makes me
think less of You.”

instance, if you have the joy of the Lord, you really don't have to
say anything, but you're consistent joyful mentality is an exaltation
to God: because you're letting the world know with your consistent
positive mentality, which is not normal, that God is able to take
typical human cynicism and turn it into joy.

if praise to Him is always on my lips, no matter what I say, it is in
some way an attribution to God, His control, His goodness, His
sovereignty, His sustenance,generally speaking, Him, as a good God
who's good no matter what. No matter what.

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Girl's emotions

I'm going to be
honest and say it amazes me how easily a girl can be swayed or
emotionally affected by a guy whenever he does something "sweet,"
in the sense that he says, does, or expresses something complimentary
or just generally speaking, emotional towards the girl.
I can
watch a guy who knows that what he's saying isn't really that
heartfelt or that original say it simply because he knows what a
powerful effect he's going to have on whoever she is, and uses that
to his advantage.
I can also watch how girls melt when they watch
some guy do something "sweet" to any extent and think "O..
he's the man of my dreams!  How I long for such a guy like
To just be honest, sometimes this makes me sick,
becuase the guy could very well be a jerk with crafty words.
thing, I'm not bashing being a sweet, selfless, loving
boyfriend/husband, I totally agree that's how a husband should treat
his wife; that IS the way it should be.
Second thing, I AM saying
that girls can over react to this, and guys use it to their

Girls need to understand something: Just because a
guy can write a romantic song, write a romantic poem, or schedule
some romantic date, doesn't mean SQUAT for his character.  To
put it bluntly, this could all just be a well contrived scheme to get
in your pants.  Or, if not to that extreme, to win you over, not
necessarily because he feels the same way about you, but because he's
a guy, and, well, guys want to win the girl. In other words, a guy
doesn't have to feel like he's totally comitted to a girl to write
her a love song, poem, or any of these things, BUT girls tend to
receive such a message: and frequently get their hearts broken. 

Finally, I know this may seem horridly pessimistic.. maybe it
is.  The only thing I'm saying is.. girls, pray and seek God
about guys: just because they can drop a rose at your door, or right
you a cute love song doesn't mean they're the one for you.

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