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August 17, 2008

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Jesus, God, Jesus, God, Church, Friends, hanging out, and writing.


Christian, I love Third Day and multiple other bands


Tommy Boy is the best movie of all time. I also love the Matrix.


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Okay everyone.  I think I'm going to start doing something that I
believe to be quite interesting, mainly because it's been a HUGE part
of what God's been doing with my mind, but for other reasons too. 
Anyway, I'm going to start... giving my philosophical, theological,
conclusions that prove God in multiple ways.  I will be honest
though.  It might bore a lot of people, and the entries will
probably be long.  But I don't know, I want to do this, and I find
it more intriguing than the droning of every day.  Not to say no
daily posts, but this is my focus I think....

Okay--  First, one of the well knowns

God's existence, focus on divine creation.

Okay, so I know most people have heard this one a million times, well, hear me out anyway.

Two theories to negate-

Evolution ( which I'm going to argue a way that might be a little more interesting than the typical scientific impossibility)

which is tied to

Spontaneous Generation.

Well, spontaneous generation is kind of the start of evolution, but
I've heard the argument, that everything just "appeared."  NOw
admittingly, this sounds retarded, but if you think about it, if we
weren't there in the beginning, with nothing, how do we know, that it
didn't happen that way?  Well, the thing is, nothing, is..
nothing.  Meaning, there couldn't have been anything "mystical"
about the nothing before anything existed, in comparison to the nothing
that we know in the vaccum of space today.  It's properties (
having none ) don't change.  Meaning, if there was "nothing" in
the beginning, it would do the exact same thing as "nothing" in today's
world.  There wasn't some "special nothing" that somehow had a
spontaneous generation capability.  Nothing never changes, never
produces anything. The nothing of today is the nothing of a million or
whatever years ago.

-- I hope you bothered to read this far, cause I'm actually takling
evolution on a different side than just the scientific possiblity of it.

Rather, on a more moral and spiritual aspect.

Okay, lets look at the principle of right and wrong.  Every other
animal in creation lives for survival.  They live by what their
physical bodies tell them.  Your physical body is for living, and
reproducing, and the thinking to do that.  Example, an animal has
no problem killing off young because of food shortage.  HOWEVER,
humans do.

Now, if humans are just another creature that evolved, then our
motivations should be as sheerly physical as animals, but they're
not.  See, here's what I see-

Morals, RIght and Wrong, are SPIRITUAL aspects.  Aspects directly
tied to fellowship with God, the one thing we were designed to have
that animals don't have.

God made us in His image, and unlike animals, with a basic knowledge of
what's right and wrong.  However, sometimes what's right is
totally cotradictory to the basic physical necessities.  Like on a
desert island with limited food supply.  Even if you resorted to
killing everyone for survival, you wouldn't be able to get past some
type of guilt, regardless of how "right" it was to survival, in God's
standards put it in you, it's wrong.

So in conclusion to that, there's no getting past that some standard
beyond your basic physical properties exists within you.  Meaning,
obviously, that if something beyond this world and its physical
properties exists in your existence, then your existence must have
originated from somewhere beyond this world, which blatantly points to
the existence of a Supreme Being.  More specifically, the Supreme
Being of the Bible.  Why?  Because the standard of right that
you just seem to "know" is the exact one He outlines in His word.

And there you have it.  haha, "volume one."  I might talk
about the validity of His word next time, I don't know.  But
hopefully this was a slight bit interesting.  And just humor me
with some comments at least.  I'm somewhat curious as to what
other people think of this, whole thing...
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Not really interesting...

Well, in three weeks I managed to accumulate nine remarks.  I guess that's okay.  well, as of right now, I'm seriously debating leaving my economics class because they're reviewing for the exam, and I really don't need to review for this.  But anyway, um, yeah, I'm looking forward to an awesome twelve inch sub after this class.  I'm also going to run, and what sucks is how tired I am.  I'm either going to take a nap, or just hope some food and stuff perks my energy.  I don't know.  Maybe I can get some coffee.  Ugh.  Don't you wish you could just hit an energy button sometimes?  It would be so nice to have more energy right now.  So yeah, that's where I'm at right now.  Um, how are you guys doing? I guess...
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A poem, you might care, OR SHOULD, read.. haha

Hope whoever cares to read likes....

Breathe in,
and take Him in.
Exhale, and let Him be,
Something more to you and me,
Than just a theory, or a thought,
But the Creator of everything.
Inhale, and know He's there.
Exhale, and give a stare,
To the countless stars in Heavens realm,
Of a God sitting at the healm
Of all that exists past the skies of blue,
Down to someone as insignificant as me and you.
He's there,
From the beginning of substance to the end of no where
Unto all the world and to all mankind
His throne that reigns beyond all time.
And breathe, let the air flow through
Your heart and lungs, your spirit too.
It's simple.
His air, His truth, His life, His love.
His power, His creation, His arm from above
Do you see it?
Can you breathe it?
Will you believe it?
And will you mean it?
His arms stretch across eternity
And grasp things beyond concept
His truth reaches deeper than the cosmos,
His infinince can not be met.
There's nothing that ever was or is
That His finger did not create,
And all I want every day is to sit back
And meditate
On Him that is, was, and is to come
The one to whom all will succumb
Who's power stretches beyond all match
With a presence that permeates down to that
Which holds everything in every day
And for which I can only manage to say:

And take Him in.
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Phuse on the Move

1821 users.  I guess this is  a question for Nathan, is that a lot?  I mean, I know compared to facebook, it's not many at all, but what about like, xanga, or myspace?  Interesting, but it would be pretty cool to see phusebox EXPLODE, but yeah, I think it will anyway, considering the new users list is almost always fresh.  So for the rest of you people, get phusebox, mwuhahahaha, and it shall spread like an unstoppable virus!
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Hello World.
My name is Adam.
I hope I did you good today.
And thank you for oxygen.
Cause without it, we'd all die.
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