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October 18, 2006

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my Jesus, deep conversations, volleyball, having fun, black and white pictures, art, coloring books, laughing, scrapbooking, sewing, my sisters, friends, laying out, running, waffle house at 3 AM, looking at the stars, old movies, being crazy with my friends, anything creative, bubble baths, flip flops, anything vintage, big earings, romantic things make me MELT, i love playing in the rain and snow♥, but the beach is my favorite place.. ever


country is my favorite.. and Rascal Flatts are the best!, im starting to like 80's!!, but honestly-i like anything except hardcore-death-screaming music


a walk to remember and cinderella are my favorites, disney movies are the best (when im in the mood for them).. i love cuddling up and watching a movie late at night or when its raining =), action/war movies are pretty good, scary movies are fun!! (ha..), but romantic ones are the best


i love reading when im in the mood to.. the bible is my favorite, followed by mostly anything

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will you jump?

today our pool opened. =) while i was down there i was watching a dad with his son. the son kept saying "daddy! daddy! get in and let me jump to you!" the dad agreed and waded into the water. when he finally made it in, he told his son to jump to him. the son stood at the side of the pool dipping his feet in. he would squat down to jump and almost do it, but then he would say "no, no... i cant". his dad kept telling him "its alright, i will catch you". eventually, after about 10 attempts, the son jumped into his fathers arms. 

i think that we do this as christians. we say that we will share Christ and live a life for Him, but when it comes right down to it, some are scared. we hesitate because we remember who we think ultimately judges us-the world. we go to the side of the pool saying "out into the world i go, sharing Jesus with all who dont know Him". but when its time to make the jump, we stop and think. Christ tells us to jump. He will catch us, just like the father kept telling the son that he would catch him, not to worry. we need to set aside our fear and make the plunge. God will always be in the water to catch us. we shouldnt even hesitate...

this thought challenged me. i know that sometimes when i get a chance to witness to someone, i dont take advantage of the opportunity, because i think "what if i fall?".. does it matter? no, actually, it doesnt-because OUR father is standing there waiting to catch us.

Matthew 28:19
Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in ther name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Philippians 4:6a
Dont worry about anything..

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oh, to be lying,
on a beach,
with sand in my toes,
and the wind,
in my hair.
and only the sound,
of the seagulls,
on high,
on a beach,
under a sunset orange sky.

the gentle caress,
of the waves,
on the shore,
and you close,
beside me,
could I ask for more? ...
-Linda Harnett

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surrender-v. to relinquish possession or control of to another
pride-n. an excessively high opinion of oneself; conceit

pride has to be the worst problem among teenagers. we hate being shot down or corrected. i know that when someone corrects me, i will shoot back with an excuse. i find it so hard to listen to the correction i am being given and take it into consideration. i want to be right. i love to win, and by being corrected, my ego and pride are then crushed. i have to surrender. i have to understand that i dont know it all; at times i think that i do. but i totally dont! i have to surrender to Christ. i have to surrender to my parents. i have to surrender to the correction being given and understand that it is helpful, and that i will need it. Christ puts us in situations, win or lose, we will always prosper and grow. we cant let our pride get in the way of what God is trying to teach us. this is my challenge to yall- put your pride down. let God move in you and dont ignore His correction. because, HE is the ULTIMATE.

Proverbs 3:11-12
my child, dont ingnore it when the Lord disciplines you, and dont be discouraged when He corrects you. for the Lord corrects those He loves, just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights in. 

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well, tonight.. we shaved carlton's legs.
its a tradition, i guess. i shaved caroline's for her.. and then carlton's tonight (obviously..)
she is officially a "big girl" =)

in the process of shaving

carlton modeling her silky-smooth legs

she is so proud.. haha

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so we went to my grandparents this weekend.
it was a great trip. i got some great "picture-taking time" in =)
here are a few of them...

their pond

the barn

flowers are my favorite =)

a little flower shed..

a bell thats in their yard

my grandpa was a POW in the korean war

i dont know what it is.. its antique and i like it, though

haha.. their mailbox.. i thought it was cute

my grandma has alot of pretty flowers

the wagon..

this is a little portion of the land they own.. its beautiful!
some more pretty flowers..

the road

when we were sitting on the fence

the horses

thats my horsie.. dave =)

dolly and dixie.. i dont know where the other two are?

random picture from the field

before we went and rode

my daddy fixing the briddle

caroline on her horse, dolly


i love that picture..

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my friends

my pix