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kaitlin gay

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October 18, 2006

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my Jesus, deep conversations, volleyball, having fun, black and white pictures, art, coloring books, laughing, scrapbooking, sewing, my sisters, friends, laying out, running, waffle house at 3 AM, looking at the stars, old movies, being crazy with my friends, anything creative, bubble baths, flip flops, anything vintage, big earings, romantic things make me MELT, i love playing in the rain and snow♥, but the beach is my favorite place.. ever


country is my favorite.. and Rascal Flatts are the best!, im starting to like 80's!!, but honestly-i like anything except hardcore-death-screaming music


a walk to remember and cinderella are my favorites, disney movies are the best (when im in the mood for them).. i love cuddling up and watching a movie late at night or when its raining =), action/war movies are pretty good, scary movies are fun!! (ha..), but romantic ones are the best


i love reading when im in the mood to.. the bible is my favorite, followed by mostly anything

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my puppy;; dolly
she is 11 weeks old..
my baby =)

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kaitlin got a puppy!
pictures later..

going to journalism camp in the morning

call my cell;;
ill be bored =)

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beach = amazing.
with your best friend = even better.

i had THE best time! here are a few pictures to sum it up =)

we had some fun on the way up there

yayyy!! almost there..

first night at a place called crabs

breakfast after church sunday morning


shoppingggg! =)

before we left sunday night

we had fun shopping while we waited to be seated.. oh yes we did!

we love the beach. end of story.

didnt want to come home..

i can fit my fist in my mouth?

home after 9 hours of a FUN road trip =) ahh..

way to many good times.
couldnt name them all if i tried.
i had a magnificent time =)
...i love my ami driverrr!

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i am packed and ready to go.
how 'bout we leave now..?

yayyy! im going to the beach!
i will miss yall.. see you wednesday =)

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Untitled hooked

im totally in love with this dog.

we had to give him back to his owner.
it was extremely sad,
but we get a boxer now =)

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my friends

my pix