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January 02, 2008

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God, family and friends, and music. just like that. and starbucks to drink while hanging out with the above. yes, i hang out with music.


billy joel, the beatles, pink martini, miles davis, duke ellington, elton john, kelly clarkson, diana krall, chicago, ewf, tower of power, bobby darin, frank sinatra, ray charles, john williams, london symphony, soundtracks, broadways, Wicked, bela fleck and the flecktones, jason mraz, harry connick jr, doobie brothers, five for fighting, norah jones, carol king, joni mitchell, paul mccartney, mandy moore, damien rice, paul simon, james taylor, josh groban, quincy jones, alicia keys, kool and the gang, stevie wonder, electric lights orchestra, michael jackson, jamie cullum, oscar peterson, seatbelts, steely dan, vince guaraldi, howie day, michael buble'


A Walk to Remember, Pride & Prejudice, Moulin Rouge, The Phantom of the Opera, Two Weeks Notice, Breakfast At Tiffany, 13 Going on 30, HP, LOTR, Singing in the Rain, West Side Story, The Incredibles, Willy Wonka, the Princess Bride, The Producers.


The Golden Compass trilogy, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, the Sabriel trilogy, all Harry Potters, The Princess Bride, Wicked

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this is amazing. amazing. ahhhhhhh.
haha. ok, so in latin today. i was looking in someone\'s old yearbook when i would have been in second grade. and i looked in the third grade. and I was browsing over the names to see who I knew, and I saw \"Mr. Pig\" at the bottom. I thought, that\'s kinda mean. looked over, and after all these kids, there\'s a picture of a guinea pig. it was hysterical. me and spencer and lauren about died.ahhh...funny funny.
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everything\'s all good. little stressed this weekend, because amy dent is a difficult person to plan a surprise party for. but whatever. other than that, everything is a-ok. i\'m feeling pretty unexciting about now. rar, these journal things are going out the window. didn\'t get to go to the ruddy talent show because they sold out of tickets? would have gotten one sooner if i knew i had to sit at a table with 3 drummers talking drummers talk and drumming on the table and a practice pad. my ears were ringing. it was painful on my head. then we were supposed to have rock band practice during mr. bhs. did not want to go to that at all. but they made us go to it anyways...yeah,whatever. we haven\'t practiced in a few weeks and are trying to make your school look better by sounding better. darn people. we did well at the game anyways. so booyah. :) texas?...i think it should be fun.
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interesting enough

well last night was crazy stuff.
was able to eat one slice of pizza before the game. bus ride there, mild compared to coming home. talked with spence the whole time basically and listened to a little of what he was listening to. game. went well. played layla and was told everyone was waving their instruments behind me. they rock. almost got tackled by football players right before half time. bus ride back was complete insanity. everyone kept me from sleeping, freaked me out because they knew how. shuttle rocket simulator. flip flop almost out the window. they were crazy. unloaded bus. another game under our belts. good stuff.
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the best week ever

maybe not the best, but it\'s up there.
I love band camp. and my schedule. and I made 4th period band! and ultimate frisbee last night was amazing. and we did an awesome job on performing, as in we didn\'t mess it up again. and we got to play layla in rock band. so good. so many jokes. this year should be amazing. God Bless.
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watch out, world

I got my driver\'s permit yesterday! whoop.

Capitol Swing, including me, is playing in the boro\'s square tonight at 7. if you like big band music, come check it out. it\'s free admition! God Bless.
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