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December 28, 2014

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I have now added support for groups on PhuseBox. The first group is the The PhuseBox Elite. I have not yet programmed the ability to add your own groups yet (or remove yourself from a group).

BUT, the group page allows you to see the group members and random photos from those members in the photobox.

I will add better group support later, and add the ability to create your own groups.

I will also be working on a better friends page in the control pannel that will allow ytou to see your friend\'s most recent photos and entries without viewing their page.

Once again, let me know if you find any bugs or if you think of features that might be good to add.

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New Comment System

I now have programmed a working comment system. I am calling comments \"remarks\" to be a little different from the other sites. I still have not formatted everything like I want it ffor the remarks, but it works as is.

I will slowly format everything and build a more solid structure to the whole system. Right now, the site is only 2 days old, so cut me some slack if something is not working to perfection yet.

*** EDIT: And now you are able to leave remarks on photos ****

leave a remark if you read this so I can start testing it. If you find any bugs, let me know.
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Friend Network

I have completed a working friend network. It is still a little rough, but it is functional. Now, whenever you wish to add someone as a friend, a request is sent to that person for friendship. Once confirmed, the users share a friendship and they show in each other\'s friend box.

Next up: Comments (not looking forward to this one) and Blog It
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More Work Ahead...

Tomorrow, I am going to try to work on a better friend network system that would require a request to be made for a friend connection to occur. I think I finally have a system in my head that would work perfectly.

Also, I need to add support for comments on the blog entries. While this is not too difficult, it is just time consuming and that is why it has yet to be done.
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New Profile Features

New profile features are now active. Add to your profile in your control panel...

name, email, website, interests, etc...

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