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December 28, 2014

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Initial BlogIt System Now Functioning

photo from rachael

BlogIt Photo System in the works right here. I like this photo.

All a user has to do is hit [blog it] under any photo (and eventually content) and it will instantly create the code and send the user to the new blog form. The photos automatically are given proper credit and are linked back to the original site.

Users can basically write reviews or comment on a photo in their blog rather than posting remarks if they wish.

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Front End

The front end for the user pages is pretty much complete for now. I need to add a few more features to the group pages, but then it is on to making the control pannel more user friendly and adding more account options/features...

again, let me know if you see anything that needs to be fixed.

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Group Walls

The group pages now have group walls where users that are members of that group can post about anything.

These group walls are fully editable (but only by group members)... meaning anything can be deleted by anyone else in that group...

Eventually, private groups will be available so that not just anyone can see a group page if it is private. This would be like a protected group, only joinable by invite.

Within a group page, users will be able to see the most recent entries and photos by people in that group.

Next Up: Group Invites, Member messaging, and Blog It...

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Icecream Trucks

Question: Why do icecream trucks always sound like they are sick... almost like the cassette tape that they are playing through those speakers have been stretched or the tape player is running out of batteries. And does anyone else find the \"icecream man\" to always be kind of creepy?
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Current Bugs

Here is a list of things that I need to fix/do:

+ fix the time posted problem
+ add group creation capabilities in control pannel
+ redo the photo upload to resize photos at a lower resolution to save on space/bandwidth
+ add more features to the group pages such as group posting, group wall, and invitations.
+ design a default user profile photo
+ better layout for some of the control pannel pages
+ more options for the user page (hide/show/move modules)

let me know of anything else.
plus, I will be starting to allow a few people to sign up as beta testers, so if you want an account, let me know. email me at nathan [at] phusebox [dot] net. (format it like a noraml email address... i write it that way on web pages so that i do not get spam).

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