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Question 1: Why Do You Use It?

Since I am diving head-first back into rebuilding the PhuseBox site, I would like to gain some perspective on what exactly makes PhuseBox what it is. So, in the next few weeks, I will be asking you some questions through this blog trying to get feedback on certain aspects of the site.

If you get a chance to take a moment and answer the questions, I would appreciate it.

Why do you use PhuseBox?
(not "what do you use on PhuseBox" by why you use it - what is it that keeps you coming back?)
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PhuseBox: The Next Chapter

Today, I started laying the foundation for a complete re-build of PhuseBox. After thinking long a hard, I realized that the current site has seen little or no change in almost a whole year. I think, and many would agree, that PhuseBox needs a major facelift. It was a tough decision because it is definitely a huge committment of time, but I think the users on PhuseBox will appreciate a new "refueled" site.

So, there you have it. This will be the 3rd major "version" of the site and hopefully it will bring with it some brand new features and a much better interface including better photo management.

Life is going to get more interesting now.

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Quick Remark: Launches

Well, I finally launched today. Anyone that enjoys listening to Christian-oriented stuff should ... There is a ton of audio on the site from churches and Christian organizations from all over the country... If you check it out, let me know what you think.

People from Murfreesboro, TN may like to know that AO and Belle Aire weekly messages are on PodPoint.

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PodPoint: I'm Excited

Well, I have been working on for quite some time now... mostly over the last few months. And it is finally ready for launch.

PodPoint is a site I have developed to help churches and ministries easily manage a podcast. I am super excited about finally launching this site. It has been more than a year since the idea first sparked my mind and it will be good to finally see it launch.

So, the countdown is on... Wednesday, November 1st is the launch date... after that, I think I will make some improvements on PhuseBox...

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Fresh Start

Well, today I got my powerbook back with a new hard drive in it... a great upgrade from 80GB to 120GB... however, my data has still not been recoverable. I do have the old drive though, so maybe I will be able to recover some of it myself.

It is odd starting on a fresh install of the operating system... and with no old files to transfer over... it is much like moving into a new house... fresh, clean start.

Hopefully, this hard drive will make it at least until I need a new system... who knows when that will be.

Luckily all my website stuff was on my server so those files are intact... and my music collection is on my iPod, so those files are fine. Everything else is gone though... oh well... It happens. That's life. I have learned my lesson though: frequent backups can prevent many headaches...

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