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December 17, 2011

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music, my girlfriend


nineties, primarily, but a bit of everything..highlights are gin blossoms, radiohead, nirvana, crystal method, dust brothers, jay-z, and my favorite band is nine inch nails.


fight club, james bond movies, stoner comedy (jay/silent bob, harold and kumar go to white castle, etc), eighties and nineties hacker movies, and supernatural thrillers.


british lit all the way, man.

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i haven\'t been on a computer in so long i\'m starting to lose my typing skills...

great aunt died last friday, causing much family drama, people calling each other greedy, people being complete it any wonder i tend to distance myself from them?

moved into my new apartment a week ago yesterday. it\'s great; people have been so generous, just giving me things they were going to throw away - i got a bed, couch, two chairs, two tables, a set of dishes, a microwave, and a co-worker is letting me borrow her 37\" TV and 6-piece surround sound system indefinitely. thanks everybody!!

so i was getting a little overwhelmed with all this stuff, because i was just going to have it haphazardly sitting around, but mary lane decided to be her wonderful self and decorate for me. so now i have a nicely arranged and cleaned apartment. thanks babe :)

mary lane also took pictures of it, so i\'m goig to get her to send them to me and i\'ll post them here for all to see her work. i swear to god it looks like the paper street soap company, but more nicely decorated.

i have been on the computer in phillips bookstore for entirely tooo long now. bye everyone.

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what a wonderful day. i have hours upon hours of free time (i awoke at 8am, and my lab isn\'t until 1), with 5 unfinished songs in my back-pocket notebook, and i can\'t write anything else for any of them. i\'m drawing a complete blank. it\'s really irritating.

anyway, everone who reads this should go to and listen to my music. nobody has lately, and i need some musical popularity. thanks.

and happy halloween.

love, mike
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hello. my name is Jerry.

ten points to the person who can guess the origin of the title of this entry.

moving on: this is my new site. hopefully it won\'t piss me off the way myspace does or fill itself with useless chatter and blog quizzes the way xanga does. i\'m always looking for a better blog.

points of interest:
--me and ML: 7.5 months
--just quit a job today
--might start playing for keeps at the pool hall (playing guitar and pool both)
--apartment viewing apointment at 2PM tomorrow
--ML ACT saturday, hopefully helping her study friday
--ML variety show thursday
--tonight i\'m asking off work for every night i want off for the next six months (i work third shift grocery stocking at walmart upon rutherford)

other websites of interest:
--music newx:

goodbye everybody.
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