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June 19, 2007

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God, marching band, flute, bassoon, guitar, music, music, music, sleeping, photography, painting, actually, to save on time, i like all of the arts, donkey kong, snow, kingdom hearts, mohawks, swing dancing, bagels, rain, trampolines, thrift stores, orange soda, random spontaneous acts of kindness whether to me or from me, new york city, laughing, the beach, highlighters, watching the clouds, skiing, water beds, swings, black and white photos, mosh pits, and weekends.


punk rock, pop punk, metal, screamo, emo, indie, accoustic, jazz, and ska.


Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, Dumb and Dumber, the Corpse Bride, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the Tim Burton version).


The Perks of being a Wallflower, Rats Saw God, The Chocolate War, legal drug, hellsing, a midnight opera, and fake

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hmm. what's been going on lately...
been practicing bassoon like crazy.
during luch, after school, on a pencil during class.
i need a life.
so another band comp this saturday.
that means even less sleep and more sunburn.
are you guys pumped or what?!

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what is it that makes people completely terrified of change?
(and commitment)
oh yeahh! made an A in math. that's like the first time since like what? fourth grade?
yep yep.
things are good.

this reminds me of day cares and stuff where everyone is doing something completely different.
heck yes i love the flutes.

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he said yes.

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: )

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  band is going swell.  
  school is going okay too.  
  but there is one thing i need to say to a certain someone.  
  i just dont know how he'd react.  
  or what he'd say.  
  but i dont want to spend a forever regretting not saying anything. 


  today the trees called out your name. they wanted to know why you were so sad. i wanted to tell them but i didnt know either. you keep to yourself these days and no one knows why. his voice is still in my head and not leaving anytime soon so when the rain comes to your door come meet me outside and we can let the rain run her fingers through our hair and let the music steal our hearts. you dont need to understand how or why, just for onece let the music take control. one. two. three. one. two. three. let your feet do the talking. this runs through your veins. dont ever let the music die. 

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