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April 18, 2007

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soccer, camping, the lake, movies, long walks on the beach, california, NYC, church




there are too many to count! all chick flicks and other action movies and the only scary movie i like is the interpreter :-]


all Nickolous Sparks books and some others

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Hey! All this snow makes me want to go back to the best state in the world......COLORADO.

SO these are the Rocky Mountians that i love to ski on!!

Just some of God's beautiful creations on earth that you can find in Colorado.

This is going to be my very cool big log cabin in Colorado.

This is one of the many ski slopes that you can go up the mountian and ski on!!

This is me (not really) skiing!

Me getting some BIG AIR on the snowboard!!!

Another fun event that you can do in Colorado is tubing!!!

Look how fun that is!!! Tubing!!! That looks amazing!

Now For THE SEASON CHANGE...............

The beautiful Colorado in the Spring!



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Ok, well today is Monday. Mondays are usually really boring but today wasn't. So, I was like about to pass out in the middle of english class. Why? because we are reading this book called "The Devil and Daniel Webster" and the narrator has like this monatone (sp) voice. AH. Then, I went to Chemistry figuring that we are going to do some chemistry work BUT.......WE GOT TO WATCH CSI!!!! Ya baby! The best show ever! Then comes Algebra 2 with Coach Reavis and that is good except that we always do work on Monday. So, I had to take notes and do an assignment which was really easy but it makes it harder to do it and stay awake. So, 6th period rolls around and of course it is Spanish 2. I have nothing against speaking spanish cuz i like it but just the fact of learning it sucks. But she gave us no hw. SO I HAD NO HW TONIGHT!!! Praise God!!! So, We had a co-ed bible study with Clint and Rachel. It was amazing! It kicked all of us in the butt and told us what we needed to hear. So.... My plan afterwards was to ask Garrett Haynes to the DBS formal with me. Olivia and I went to Wally World last night and got the things that were necessary for the job. We cyran wrapped his car and put diffrent colored streamers on his car and used silly string, shaving cream, and car paint writing markers to write on his widows. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I wrote Formal? - on the back of his car. Then, the rain smeared the markers on the window but the back window stayed so that was good. Ben said his face was priceless when he saw his car!! I wish i could have been there but i couldn't stay. So, he called me and was like oh my gosh......he believed Ben in what he said about the Blackman vs. Siegel game and he totally believed him!!! It was great. Special Thanks to Olivia and Ben also to everyone who knew that was going on after bible study and what i was going to do. Anyways, He said YES so we shall go to DBS Formal in our nice dresses and tuxes (sp). SO, to the conclusion TODAY WAS A GREAT MONDAY!

Shout out to: OLIVIA: ~ Bake the cake, put the icing!!! La Siesta!!!! lol!


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DBS~ very hyper and excited



I'm going to be a member!!!!



I'm really really really really really really really really really


Taste the colors of the RAINBOW!!!!

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wus up playas, this is your best red head in the world. have a great day.  peace out my homies. all in the club
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Lots of Turkey! Happy holidays!

Hey! I\'m better! woo hoo! That was the worst stuff to have...i had a 103 fever and yea it was gross!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone  and really count your blessings! God has blessed us so much with friends, family, health, good athletic skills, and lots more! We should thank him for everythng he has done and give him all the props and glory for this! And i thought about this the other night as i was saying prayers....What if we said Happy Thanksgiving to God or merry Chritmas to him...or ask him how his day has been what would he say?!? I thought that was really cool

My family and i went to opry mills the other day. It was a bunch of fun and we had a blast to tell them what we want for christmas and what they want too.

Today me and Abi went to the mall here to find a skirt for her. but we didn\'t :-( bummer........we ran into Garrett who was buying a shirt for himself at Finish Line. And then we went everywhere and eventually everyone came that was in town. BUt then i had to leave so Abi had to leave cuz the girls were gone so ......

I went to eat turkey at my grandmother\'s house and  my dad and brother cooked duck that they shot. poor thing. it tasted like roast beef... i couldn\'t finish it.yuck! Then Whitney and i went to see Just Friends! It was so funny and guys u missed out. it wasn\'t a chick flick! But we will have to go see Walk the Line! It was amazing too and i\'m going to buy it!

I have to get my teeth pulled next tuesday! Yuck! I\'m scared but i won\'t feel a thing hopefully cuz i will be out of it if u tknow what i mean.

Well that is all for now!



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