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February 14, 2008

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LeAnn Rimes, Taylor Swift, Chuck Wicks, Miley Cyrus, Gary Allan, Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley...


Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure, Pearl Harbor, A Walk to Remember, Sweet Home Alabama, Newsies, Walk the Line,


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There\'s a better picture of me...I don\'t like it too much, but o well.  I just got back from my mass media test...I think I did ok. (I hope)  Anyway, I have boring history in an hour.  I put some more pics on here- Chris Morgan took my phone at lunch yesterday and took some random photos....I deleted the one of the guy who\'s life Chris saved.  He was about to sit at the wobbly table in McCallie- Chris stopped him.  Lindsey made cupcakes for CMS last night...they were good!!

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To my Erin!!


This is a pic of Erin who is awesome cuz she helped me study for my theater test last night!!  She\'s gonna be a famous actress...mmhm!!  I miss my Erin!! 

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New Board

photo from matt
this is the new board at church!! i cant wait to use it on fall break!!
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mtsu beat vanderbilt???

i don\'t know anything about footbal; i guess that why i dont go to too many games

i like uk basketball; i understand it!! lol

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hey this is a fun 24 site...the quotes are great...if you can actually get them up- i only have once

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my friends

my pix