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March 01, 2008

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God, anything creative, art..., photography, rain, dark chocolate, yellow pink tipped roses, music, dancing, stars


Madeleine Peyroux, B.B. King, Ben Gibbard, Stereolab, Mazzy Star, Belle and Sebastian, Dinosaur Jr., The Magnetic Fields, Bob Dylan, Tristan Prettyman, John Denver, Norah Jones, Silver Jews, Billy Joel, Amos Lee, Pavement, Velvet Underground, my morning jacket, Built to Spill, Ray Charles, Carole King, Ryan Adams, Damien Rice, The Pixies, The Beatles, Ray Lamontagne, Ben Harper, Johnny Cash, The Postal Service, Miles Davis, James Taylor, Jack Johnson, Explosions in the Sky, Lou Barlow, Dave Matthews, Sigur Ros, Wilco, Broken Social Scene, John Haitt, Muddy Waters, Tietur Lassen, Hendrix,


Lost in Translation, You've Got Mail, Count of Monte Cristo, Sleepless In Seattle, The Terminal, Finding Neverland, Audrey Hepburn movies- My Fair Lady, A Beautiful Mind, Big Fish, Runaway Bride, The Lord of the Rings, Elizabethtown, When Harry Met Sally, Ferris Bueler's Day Off, Walk the Line, Rushmore, LIfe is Beautiful, Office Space, Moonstruck, Shawshank Redemption, An Affair to Remember, The Truman Show, Little Princess


poetry, the Bible, blue like jazz, the bride wore white, Streams in the Desert, Pride and Prejudice, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A Lesson Before Dying

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good music gets me through the school day..

well here i am in art...ive been working on a collage drawing..and now im starving..i have fist lunch at  11 30 (i think) if anyone feels like coming to see me.

do you ever feel like you are just missing something? something huge? just the feeling that everyone gets it but you?.. ive been feeling like that today ...almost like theres something happening that i cant see or understand but its still happening.

theres the to you soon-kels

Can I call you if I'm back in town?
Leave a message when I'm southbound?
Could I please, could I please?
Won't be long till I'll be passing through,
Maybe three days, maybe two.

Could I see you one more time, if its ok if you don't mind?
I'm the shade of a shadow, baby.
Been thinkin' bout you tonight, how sweetly you bring light.
You're the ray of the sun, and I'm the shade of a shadow.

Of all the letters I never sent and all the time we haven't spent,
Could I please, could I please?
You always said I play games I know I'd lose,
you always said that's the life I'd choose.

Oh why do they leave
On the day that you needed them the most
Simple cards and things
Rosecolored sunsets no flowers for me
Simple cards and things
Rosecolored sunsets no flowers for me
Lover why do you leave
On the day I want you for me
Say say it ain't so
That he will take you tomorrow
And I will sit here today
The worst
Simple cards and things
Rosecolored sunsets no flowers for me
Simple cards and things
Rosecolored sunsets Curtains for me
Lover why do you leave
Lover why do you leave
On the day I want you to be
The one

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at the garish break of dawn i woke up and drove to oakland.

only to be barked at by some evil voice coming through the intercom telling me that- yes, i must tuck in my shirts..among other things and- student ids willl be worn at all times..

.somebody save me.

then im informed that teacher aiding isnt allowed going to fight.
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well im sitting here thinking about a new year...a really easy one at that...

ap english
art 4
teachers aid (art 4)

this year is going to be completely dedicated to good grades, and making art.

im kinda excited.

the only hard thing is letting go of many good friends. last year was hard and this one is going to be even harder... im going to miss all of you so much. well kiddos.. im going to go curl up in bed with good ole jane eyre..

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late night poetry..

Tell all the Truth but tell it slant -
Success in Circuit lines
Too bright for our infirm delight
The truth's superb surprise
As lightning to the children eased
With explanation kind
The truth must dazzle gradually
or every man be blind.
-emily d.

If you were coming in the fall,
I'd brush the summer by
With half a smile, and half a spurn,
As housewives do, a fly

If I could see you in a year,
I'd wind the months in balls -
And put them each in separate drawers,
For fear the numbers fuse

If only centuries, delayed,
I'd count them on my hand,
Subtracting, till my fingers dropped
Into Van Dieman's Land,

If certain, when this life was out -
that yours and mine, should be
I'd toss it yonder, think a rind,
And take eternity -

But, now, uncertain of the length
of this, that is between,
It goads me, like the Goblin bee -
That will not state - it's sting
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stuck on I-40

so today i wake up to a call from usual.. and shes like ..hey!.. lets go to the mall, so i go to her house and we hop in her car...half way there she starts hitting the gas but the car wont speed up we pull over...and start laughing and freaking out.

so we if we just restart it itll be fine...
well...when she put it in drive it started rolling backwards..

two police passed us and didnt stop so we got really mad at them, but when a interstate emergency guy showed up a few minutes later we guessed they called him...

he took a look and was like well..girls, looks like the transmission blew.. :-0..not good..

OH but heres the really scary part.

we were sitting there with the windows down, sweatin it up..and i look over and this guy in his car with his windows down is staring at me. so i hit em and was like roll up the windows!..for about 5 seconds we were both freakin out until he held up his badge and asked if we were okay...ha.ha.

so we boiled in the 100 degree sun and her dad came and got us..

it was definitely a crazy day with my best friend on the side of I-40...

to add to all of that..last night me and em were comin home on 96 and got stuck for about 45 minutes while a motorcyclist was lifeflighted to nashville....ive never been that close to a wreck...or seen a helicopter come straight down on the was so crazy..

tomorrow im going with em for senior pictures...not mine..but she needs the support..ha..
im dreading having them made...yuck

love you--kels
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