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March 01, 2008

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New i come.

well guys so excited God has just been blowing me away! Hes been teaching me sooo much about Faith and simply Believing him, and his great word!

have you ever heard the story of Uzzah??

Uzzah lost his life because he \"reached out and took hold of the ark of God\" (2 Sam. 6:6). He placed his hands on it with the best of intentions- to steady it as the oxen stumbled - but he had overstepped his bounds by touching the Lords work, and because of that he lost his life...

sounds harsh huh?..thats what i thought too,
but this story shows that - Living a life of Faith often requires us to leave things alone and let God work

if we have completely entrusted something to God, we must keep our hands off of it. And unlike us, he will work in the perfect moment.

\"It is such a comfort to drop the entanglementsand perplexities of life into God\'s hands and leave them there.\" - Streams in the Desert

so yea that story is awesome..and it taught me alot! im going to NY on Sunday for paint the town....ill be painting schools in the Broncs and thats alll i know so far..ha...
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thunderstorms and dinner with dad.

well i had a great day car is outta the shop and hopefully all ready to go...i babysat this girl yesterday and made 50 bucks!..then i got to go to another art class in franklin and modeled for them to paint($45)..then me and my dad went out to eat and just talked about all kinds of stuff...i love him so much..i think maybe, just dad is better than yours..hah...

then all night i could hear the thunder outside...thats got to be one of the greatest things ever, just the sound of a dog doesnt feel the same way tho, she slept under my bed all night..heh

i think im going to the Y today with Emily.and then my mom and sis will be home sometime anyway have a great day!
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Currently Watching: some fox family movie my sister left on..heh
Currently playing(Music): Miles Davis
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Currently Hoping: That itll cool down while i go mow in a minute
Currently Working at: The Southgate Studious..(modeling for art classes)
Currently Dating: Single
Currently Hating:uhh...brokeness?

i havent been up to much lately..just been hanging out with em...weve begun to workout...heh...and im sore but yah know..

so anyway i hope that you have a wonderful blessed day!
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Lena, Mississippi

what a fuun 4th...i went with Emily W to Lena, MS where the whole town is related to her..which was extra cool...they have 125 total people there...they also have a Post Office, a tiny old bank, a library thats only open on Saturday mornings, and a small was adorable..sweet little old homes and sweet country people!..heh...anyways the 4th of july is a huge deal there in Lena and almost 10,000 people showed up to see the huge firework show, i was impressed! was so fun..i hope yours was too!

remember that although there arent anymore fireworks in the sky theres always stars..:-)

oooohh man i forgot to tell you. Blagh, my car broke down on me..i know, how sad, but we think itll be okay wont go into gears like reverse and park which isnt too good...pray for my baby!

mmmkay thats all folks.
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just a little bit of something.

\"I should have liked to see the songs come true...But there, my friends, songs like trees bear fruit only in their own time and in their own way: and sometimes they are withered untimely.\" -J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers off...i hope everyones having a great night:-)

much love in Him.

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