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i am not him

i love my parents. but i think i\'m right on this.
i am not my brother. me and glenn are nothing alike.
yet i get compared to him.
right now im in standard english. i need to be in honors but my parents wont let me because the only honors teacher is a teacher that my brother had that supposedly \"sent him down the wrong path straight into jail\"
that year the issue was 9-11. of course this teacher had his views on it. and now this is its Katrina, which he has his strong views about too. he supposedly has weird religious beliefs.
glenn even fessed up to this teacher was the one that made him start thinking about other beliefs than those of the Bible and started twisting his thougts.but i think that glenn made his own decisions.
heres where we differ.
i am stronger in my faith than my brother was. at my age glenn had, im sure, already started into the partying mix and such, and i have never had a drink of alcohol or been to a high school party. glenn was known as a completely different kid in high school than i was and i hope to keep it that way. dont get me wrong. i love glenn with everything. hes amazing.
i had honors last year and the reason why i liked the teacher is because we had discussions and such things that made it more interesting. and from what ive heard from my friends in that class, they do those type things and more. in my standard class all we do is essays and grammar type things. i want to learn more! it will set me back when im a senior.
i know that having a good education is a worldly thing and that my God is more important than anything. but i think i can do it, actually i know, with and only with God beside me i can do it.
and back to the 9-11/Katrina thing. 9-11 was glenn\'s time to deal with him and choose his path (which by the way ever since glenns jail time hes been the closest to Christ he ever has been) but maybe Katrina and his views on that is my time to redo what happened to glenn and make it right.
i dont know.
feedback please.
i love you.
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today has not been a good day.

enough said.

yay for daddys that stick up for their daughters.
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DBS, lifeway, and such things...

so we filmed another lifeway video. this director had a very low creepy factor unlike the other one. good times. we met these cool guys. 4 from franklin, 1 from cincinatti. they were there filming with us. this video actually had a story line. it was hilarious.
i also got rushed for DBS. rush night was fun. and then we had a skating party, a swimming party, a video scavenger hunt (which included 16 people in an armada for a few hours.), and other so-called \"sisterhood bonding\" times. but sarah moore is my big sister whom i love very much, and we have oath night tonight.
schools okay i guess...actually its pretty good. i have good classes but i have to get one fixed because im trying out for either womens chorale or singers.
my head hurts, i think beacuse im really tired.
but i just thought i would update. i love you guys and ill talk to you later! leave me one.
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no title

so i love him
but i\'ve never met him.
i will marry him
but i\'ve never seen him.
i love how he loves me
but i\'ve never heard his voice.
he\'s my world
but i don\'t even know his name.
he will come to me
but until then, i\'ll wait for you my love.
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hey i\'m just sitting here at my new computer desk, in our new computer chair. and we got a new car, and new neighbors on both sides of our house.

i have to go to a staff meeting at 6:15.

i love my job. it\'s so much fun. i love the people i work with and the friends i\'ve made while sitting in the guard stand. the other day these guys that always come and that are in love with me came in and one of them gave me a present which was a knitted blue and white striped hat and wristband. madison wore it around. quite funny and random at the same time. i love getting gifts like that.
spencer got his wallet and watch stolen. he was almost in tears. it was a $200 watch and he had graduation money and his ID and his credit and debit cards and insurance cards and everything. it was sooo sad! but anyways i\'m off to my meeting. i love you!

o yea. i\'ll edit later about last night\'s girl\'s night out.

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