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June 11, 2008

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Throw anything at me, I'll give it a try. Exept rap. And heavy metal.


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Today we took a high school level test called Gateway a.k.a. Gayway. It was purty easy for a math test, and a high school math test at that. I'm so worried about high school. I'm gonna get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this summer lastes FOREVER. I don't deal well with change, I don't wanna leave my middle school. Sure it's the oldest and most crappy school in the world, i still love it!!!!!!!!!! That lunch room holds so many I'm leaving them never to retern. At least i'm not totally like moving away. I could never do that. I hear people talk about turning18 so they can get out of this town........everybody wants to leave. I love it hear!!!!!! I have lived in this town since i was born, and if i have my way, this is were i will die.
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I can't belive I haven't told you about Drama yet!!!!! Ok, so i don't play ANY sport AT ALL. If fact, my only real talents are acting and burping at will (I'm soooooooo proud of the latter, oh ya.) So anyway, im in drama at school and we put on two short plays this year. I wasn't in one of them at all, but that's OK because i had over forty lines in the other. We performed part of the play for the school last Thursday and I was SO scared, but i think most people liked it because we had a pretty big crowd at the real performanses on Thursday and Friday nights. Anyway, the play, and therefore drama, is over now. I'm really gonna miss it. And, next year I'll be in high school so i won't be able to see my sixth-and-seventh-grade drama friends.: (  Hey will you guys pray for this kid in drama? His name is Even and he's an AMAZING actor. He's only in sixth grade and he has more lines than anybody in the whole play. Anyway, he dosn't have any friends, he sits all by him self at lunch and everything.He cried today because drama kids are his only friends and now it's over. Poor Even. Gtg blog later!!!!
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This is the bed where Abe Lincon died, right across the street from Ford's Theator. Did you know that Abe was reading the play Macbeth and it was so depressing that he was motivated to see a happy play at Ford's. It's true. I wish everybody could be like Abe. Honost, tall, and with really good tastes in head gear. We'd all be truthful basketball players with cool hats. That would be the life. Sorry if i totally wasted your time with this blog, i just wanted to talk about the best Prez EVER!!!!!! He ended slavery, man!!!!!
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The Defence Rests

For the next two weeks my Social Studies class is having a mock trial, and i'm a defence attorney. It is turning out to be a lot harder than i thought......even though our teacher kept saying "the lawyers will have work, I'll be a lot of work, be prepared for work......" It actually wouldn't be so bad if my other people would help me!!!!!!!!! Jessica has so far been the only real help in my group and she's not even one og the assistant lawyers!!!!!!! My assistants are Ben Something who can't do much but cuss, and Caleb who is super smart, but lazy. And then there's Erica. It you know her i don't even have to explain......and if you don't know her, be thankful. Anyway, it better work out because even if we don't win the trial,or whatever, my grade is at risk.

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Wow.........i haven't been on hear for so long.........this is my first entry in what seems like computer privlages have been limited lately...................    Anyways, this week has been pretty ok-cool. We took TCAP a.k.a TCRAP, witch is like a huge test that every 3rd-8th grader in Tennessee has to take. Anyways, I NEVER HAVE TO TAKE IT EVER AGAIN EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!

 As you can see, Im happy. TCRAP sucks. A guy also farted in my face this week. it didnt really bother me cause' it didnt stink........but he was kinda like flirting with me, witch is DISCUSTING because, even though he's popular, i think he's about as attractive as cat vomit.

Right now i'm reading a book called Peeps, and it is so good!!!!!!! Yes, it's about vampires. (Why am i naturaly drawn to good book about vampires and love????? Curse vamps and there wonderous abilty to create great plots!!!!!!!!)

p.s. Go read Twilight, then Peeps

Random cool quote from Peeps:  "So stock up on some bottled water and a few cans of pasta sause, maybe the kind with extra garlic. Set aside a few good books and DVDs, and buy a decent lock for your door. Try not to watch TV for a few months-it will only upset you. Don't take the subway,

And leave the rest to us vampires. We've got your back"

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