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May 14, 2007

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horses, little kids, church, music


Simple Plan, Green Day, DC Talk, Likeminds, David Crowder, Lifehouse, the Killers, Switchfoot, Matchbox 20, George Strait


Racing Stripes, Independence Day, National Treasure, GI Jane, Mighty Joe Young, Ever After


the Bible, i like mystery books, the kind when you read them the hair on the back of your neck stands strait up

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I cut my hair. Alot of it, all gone. about 4-5 inches. It\'s pretty nice. Maybe i\'ll put some new pictures up of it all. It feels weird when I go to brush my hair and whatnot. It\'s cool. Gotta work tonight with a new guy. (I thought I was new but aparently i\'m ready to train other newbies... humm, whats wrong with this picture?!?)

Got to go and read now.
The Count of Monte Cristo
-good book, long book, but good so far

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Church on Sunday was awesome.
Wanna know why? Go to my xanga, it\'s all there.

Question for all:
When was the last time you felt closest to God?

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So at work, they gave me a key.. very exciting! I can now close the store by myself, maybe not completly by myself... but soon. Church tonight should be good, actually it should be really good and heart breaking, emotions shall break and fly. Alrightlly then, not much else. bye

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So, one of my guy friends brought one of his guy friends to church yesterday. This guy thinks i\'m \"cool\" (lets just put it that way) So now he\'s gonna start coming to church every Sunday. I don\'t quite understand his feelings for me, seeing as how i wear baggy pants mostly and just plain t-shirts but hey.. whatever. All of this I find out yesterday by my friend at a church meeting. I \"made an impression\" So now i just figure that he can be ministered to more often if he keeps on coming. He\'s a pretty cool guy, I don\'t mind getting to know him.

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It\'s saturday.
Theres your post..
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