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May 14, 2007

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horses, little kids, church, music


Simple Plan, Green Day, DC Talk, Likeminds, David Crowder, Lifehouse, the Killers, Switchfoot, Matchbox 20, George Strait


Racing Stripes, Independence Day, National Treasure, GI Jane, Mighty Joe Young, Ever After


the Bible, i like mystery books, the kind when you read them the hair on the back of your neck stands strait up

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I went to today, again, on accident.
Their site has improved from the last time i accidentally went there. It's pretty cool. But it's also in like German or something so that kinda brings the cool factor down to like 5.
Prom is in like a month or something like that and I have to go shopping for a prom dress. *yuck* I hate shopping. The only reason i'm going to prom is to say I went, take pictures and to ultimately end up at Denny’s or IHOP at 1a.m. *yeah baby* stupid teenager stuff you know...
talk to ya later people,


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My sister is gone! *yeah baby*

She moved out on Saturday and thanks to one of my awesome friends Steven, it only took one day! She's gone! Anyways, i love it! Talk more later.

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Praise God for He is good

So like I had said before, Journey was great!!!

I feel different. Well I guess not feel but I can tell a difference. It's cool.

Something odd: I work at a Christian Book Store and yeah we play music and whatnot, usually something soft like Hillsong or Jars of Clay. I like to "dance to the music while I work which i'm sure totally freaks out everybody around me but I can't help it. After this weekend, I found myself wanting to raise my hands at work as i'm singing along with the songs. I swear people think i'm crazy so I usually stop after I realize what i'm doing. This makes me feel bad because i feel ashamed for not praising God like I would at church. Ugg, lifes difficult.
This kinda feels like one of those "Oprah or Dr. Phil, what am I supposed to do?" type posts... hummm.

Well anyways, much love to everybody.

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Journey is over. *tear*
I had a blast. It was one of the best Journey's I have ever had!! I'm sooooo tired though. The music was awesome!! and so was the teaching. One of my guy friends received a stuffed animal during one of our sessions (this is in front of around 700 people keep in mind) and Wes is up there "Steven, please come up to the front and get uh... Mr.Snuggles." My goodness, i couldn't help but laugh, and then like 5 people came up to me and asked if I had sent it! hahahaha, yeah right. So anyways the weekend was a blast. It was like 50 all weekend long and I had tons of fun!

Peace, i need sleep...

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stage setup disaster

My youth minister has got a thing, well i guess it's more than a "thing", he loves U2. Our stage for journey is somewhat related to U2's stage during their last tour. So we have 800 styrofoam balls we are drilling holes into... and then stringing them. fun? i don't think so. Journey starts in 2 days and i have about 100 done. Oh goodie! I had help though! we sat there together, my drilling and her stringing, cursing U2's name... That was the funnest part! Gotta go do some actual computer work now, peace.
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