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May 14, 2007

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horses, little kids, church, music


Simple Plan, Green Day, DC Talk, Likeminds, David Crowder, Lifehouse, the Killers, Switchfoot, Matchbox 20, George Strait


Racing Stripes, Independence Day, National Treasure, GI Jane, Mighty Joe Young, Ever After


the Bible, i like mystery books, the kind when you read them the hair on the back of your neck stands strait up

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disaster relief

Everyone remember to give something to the relief.. even if it\'s something like tolet paper or some dollar store tooth brushes or just something. It doesn\'t hit home for alot of people if you didn\'t know anybody there but for the 30-40 students in my church that were there 3 years ago, the church we helped to re-build or maintain is probley under about 20 feet of water right now and the mission center near the center of New Orleans. I feel soooo bad about all of that. That church was working so hard to stay alive.. they were almost ruined in Allison but i\'m sure that this storm just blew them away. If your the praying type then please remember them.
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So i have a \"job\" now or really she just is gonna call me when she needs me. It\'s catering?? How do you spell that? Whatever it\'ll be fun and my 1st job is tomorrow!! So church was good on sunday and it\'ll be cool on wednesday too! And I think that pretty soon i\'m gonna be swamped with work for my pre-school class but i\'ll talk about that later because the bells about to ring.. adios
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Make A Difference

I survived!!! I also almost knocked over 2 of their lights. I promised that i wasn\'t that clumsey but hey they don\'t know me so that can think whatever they want. Bells aboutto ring though so i\'ll type some more later and maybe sometime later when i get those pics i can put acouple up on this site... if they\'re not to bad! :-)>
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- in situ -

Yes that is a forgein word.. Is that how you spell forgein?? It doesn\'t look right to me. foreign? Anyways, I don\'t feel good at all and I have senior pictures today. ugg.. Thats were I gotta dress up all nice and wear makeup and do my hair (i\'m exhausted already) and then i sit there for 5 minutes (for each outfit) while people take pictures of me. I don\'t wanna. Alrighty then. g2g buh bye
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argg... school

So my school is full of idiots! They won\'t let me into my xanga site but they\'ll let me in here.. Oh yeah they\'re good! So not much else to say.. adios

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