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March 03, 2007

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well... shoppin, JROTC :drill, n color gaurd, guyz, skool, & terrorizing my neighbors...


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40 year old virgin.....


to many

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will u be my valentine

hey hooch nuggets!! i hope everyone had a GREAT day outta school i know i didnt... i had to si @ home and listen to ALL 5 of my little bros and sisters screamin all day!! SCHOOL TOMORROW YAY!... oh and will u be my valentine?

me an mama havin fun @ Rose's!

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i dyed my hair!!
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why is it when you break up w/ some one its like they expect you to hang around and still want to be w/ them... i mean isnt the whole purpose of u guys breaking up be b/c u dont want to be around each other any more... now under some sircumstances u stay friends... ok UnDeRsTaNdAbLe... but u both know that there is a small chance of you getting back to gether.
After getting out of a relationship how l-o-n-g should u go till u start dating again?
Just b/c u guys b/r/o/k/e u^p does that mean u should go and tell EVERY thing the other ever told you to EVERY one... (yah know revenge is sweet?)
i just dont know what to do n e more... me and "him" (since im not allowed to say "his" name n e more.... his rule)... b/r/o/k/e u^p almost TWO months ago and me n dave started going out 2 DAYS ago...and  now "he" is saying that i "ripped his heart <3 out" and im a whore : /.... ect.... do u think i was wrong... should i have waited more then just 2 months to start dating again... ....
i have 2 particular friends who say im stupid for dating a marine... b/c he would be gone for l-o-n-g periods at a time... but im willing to make it work and so is he... but are we stupid for doing this... i mean how else is he going to know who he wants to marry (not saying me)... but hes always going to be gone for periods at a time... and i just dont know... am i stupid or what?
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Hey guys... phusr box was down for so long that i forgot my password IM A DUMMY.... so i got a new site!!! and here it is read it love it and leave me love!
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