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an explanation

if my last blog sounded arrogant, then i apologize. i did not mean for it to sound that way. my bottom line is that people have questions and we should answer it. i only want to be available for you to ask me those tough questions. i\'m not smart and i am reminded of that everyday in class, but i enjoy researching. it\'s wierd, but hey, it is me, right? so i just wanted to apologize if my blog sounded arrogant, but please send me your questions because your friends, classmates, etc. need a hope in these days. we have that hope and we need to share it.

in Him,
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I Understand


I completely understand what you\'re saying. I\'m glad you guys want to take a stand, but I know what it is like not having the answers.

So because I love you guys and God has blessed me with the odd pleasures of research and reading, I will be willing to answer any questions you guys (or ladies, of course) have to the best of my ability.

Hey, I just want to help you out because nobody could help me out in high school. This is where the rubber meets the road and honestly, it gets more difficult in college.

So, fire away and I\'ll do my very best.

I\'m Out,

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laying it on the line

so here\'s a story about me. when i was in high school, there was this guy named (dan). now dan was an atheist and despised religion. i, on the other hand, was a \"Christian\" who went to youth group and did all the retreats and so on and so on.

the problem came about when dan confronted me (in friendly terms) concerning some issues about Jesus and Christianity among other things religious. in fact, this was a common debate between all of us in percussion.

however, i didn\'t have the answers. as a matter of fact, i looked pretty ignorant.

ladies, guys, this presents a problem. the problem is standing up for our faith, for our convictions, for what we believe in. Eva Longoria won the \"Teen Choice Award\" for breakout actress for her role on \"Desparate Housewives\". there\'s something wrong and it\'s in the high schools. who will stand up for Christ? who will say something is not right? who will be strong, stand in the line, take the punches, but remain standing strong? let that be us.

i\'m out,
Josh Eph 6:10
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It Occurred to Me

It occurred to me that before the attack on Pearl Harbor, we were not trying to get involved in the beginnings of WWII and Hitler\'s tyranny in Europe. But then when Japan decided to bring us trouble we retaliated.

I understand there was an alliance between Nazi Germany and Japan, but I wonder this:
if our focus after the December attack was on Japan, but then we turned our attention to the Nazi regime, especially in France on D-Day, how is it any different than what our military is doing now?

Our original focus was on the attackers from 9/11, but the \"ball was dropped\" as Kerry said when we diverted our attention to Iraq. Interesting to me, though, there is much trouble in Iraq, but the media will not show any of the good sides of the war like children celebrating with U.S. soldiers (I have pics for those who do not believe me) or the new government being placed.

To me, a simple citizen with no real knowledge of such things, it appears to be quite similar. To sum it up, we are getting rid of a tyranny ( like the Nazi regime) which was aligned with the same attackers of our Twin Towers (like Japan to Pearl Harbor).

If you agree and are just as confused I encourage you to ask around. Ask your teachers, professors, anti-war friends. Be nice, kind, gentle, and loving though.

Have a good day all,
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back to school

hey, we are all heading back to school and that means reading, writing, and everything else.

have no fear people...whenever you sit to read a book or write a paper remember this:

Josh Hornbaker is reading a total of 16 books and writing somewhere around 50 pages in papers, but he fears not because it\'s all worth it in the end.

so have fun, enjoy, and think of Christmas.

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