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January 08, 2010

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nothing much...


Relient K, Aaron Shust, Chris Tomlin, Kutless, TobyMac


Patch adams. hands down the greatest movie of all time


The Instruction Manual(BIBLE)

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Subject of many a conversation. Philosophers have attempted to wrap their minds around it for centuries. True love is the Creator. So how do we comprehend it? Predict it? Control our own?


WE Can't


New lesson for me. I don't work love, It works me. The Creator works me. I look for love and find human flaws when all the while a true lover waits for me in heaven and in my heart.


I find it quite interesting that I can't find it when its in my heart...

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Ah change. The single most contreversial thing...ever. I changed my myspace completely to accommodate the new year. Who moved my cheese? The truth is that no one cares. Change comes. Life is nothing but change. The sooner you embrace the cheese-moving, the sooner you become cool with life in general, and life in turn is cooler to you. Leave your thoughts please.
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christamus. a.k.a. gifts.

I had a great christmas. I hope you all did as well. I still cant believe that our society has commerciallized christmas to the point of absolute skipping of family and going straight to the gifts.(a.k.a. skip you, its all 'bout me) I am not immune; i have to fight it off. But there is hope! Comerciallism must be fought with the reason of christmas.
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Alot about nuthing

I have a lot on my mind so i dont write thoughts because if i did a large mob would come after me becausi i would overload Phusebox. And so i leave with this:


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Arlington Tennessee Band Competition:Dickson County High School Marching Band

Best in Division Percussion

Best in Division Color Gaurd

Best in Division Drum Major

Best in Division (period)



Last week we won in Henderson:

Best in Division Percussion

Best in Division Horn Line

Best in Division

Superior Band Award

Grand Champions in Small Band Class


I see a pattern.

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